Fortnite Portals Have Begun To Pop Up

Fortnite Portals

Epic Games Portals have begun to pop up in the world of Fortnite.

Fortnite’s hidden lair rocket launched today and left many fans wondering what’s next for the game. The rocket almost crashed into Tilted Towers where it was instead deflected and looked to go through a rift or portal of sorts.

This one-time only event took place earlier this day and created quite the spectacle. If you weren’t able to see the launch in-game yourself, don’t worry because a lot of players did capture the moment.

Now that the rocket launch is out of the way, what is exactly next for the rest of Season 4?

Since the rocket launch earlier, players have been reporting portals or rifts of some sort popping up on the map. These portals don’t seem to have any purpose but they are they for players to see.

Season 4 introduced the jump rocks into the game which allowed players to consume them and jump rather high into the air for a short period of time. It’s possible Epic Games will incorporate these portals into next season in some way but we have definitely not seen the last of them.

These rifts might allow players to teleport between them in some way, that’s if there are indeed other portals on the map at the same time. It’s unclear right now as to whether the rifts appear every game or if they are just randomized. At the very least, it seems like the rocket launch has had some long-lasting impact in the world.

Season 4 still has a little under two weeks left as the current end date is set for July 11. It’s not clear yet as to what Epic has to gain by launching the rocket before the season finishes up but we’re sure to find out.

It’s hard to tell right what the theme of the next season of Fortnite will be. We had some guesses last season but now it seems like anything can happen. If this next season is anything like the last, we can expect some hints in the days leading up the start of Season 5.

Also currently going on in the world of Fortnite is a double XP event. This event is designed to help players speed up the finishing of their Battle Pass before the season finishes. Once the season finishes, all of the skins featured in the Battle Pass will no longer be obtainable. These skins include the Blockbuster, Carbide and Omega skins.

The Playground LTM was supposed to be in the game last week but some unforeseen bugs have forced the mode to be delayed into next week. Epic is working hard to get a playable version of the mode out as soon as possible.

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