Ghost Of Tsushima Gameplay Trailer (E3 2018)

Ghost Of Tsushima Release Date

Ghost of Tsushima: Gameplay Debut Trailer [PS4, deutsche Untertitel] E3 20181274 erobert das furchterregende mongolische Reich die japanische Insel Tsushima und tötet seine legendären Samurai-Verteidiger. Jin Sakai ist einer der letzten Überlebenden eines edlen Samurai-Clans. Um seine übermächtigen Feinde zu bekämpfen, muss er neue tödliche Kampftechniken entwickeln – den Weg des Geistes – und einen unkonventionellen Krieg für die Menschen Japans führen. Mehr Infos zu…2018-06-12T01:42:32.000Z

Ghost of Tsushima does not have a release date yet, but the E3 2018 trailer did reveal far more gameplay than ever before. The game is placed in Japan, 1274. The Mongol Empire has invaded the island of Tsushima and conquered the local population. You play as one of the last samurai that managed to survive the invasion. Though your first instinct is to exact revenge, this is one fight you won’t be able to do honorably. From the ashes of Tsushima, you rise as the Ghost, a warrior of unconventional methods fighting for the freedom of Japan.

The trailer at Sony’s E3 2018 press conference reveals a few more details to this story and gameplay. We open with very beautiful flute music and a vista of Japan’s landscape. Almost every scene in this trailer is cinema-worthy, with stunning color contrasts and a sunset that would rival a Forza Horizon game. We enter on day nine of the Mongol invasion where our main character ventures through the war-ravaged Otsuna grasslands. He comes against some Mongols to fight, showcasing very smooth and brutal combat. It won’t just be button-mashing either, as it is clear that the player will be parrying, dodging, and using special finishing moves.

Next, we see some of the stealth mechanics. The main character jumps onto the roof using a grappling hook, walks across the tiles to a hole in the roof, and assassinates the men in the room. In fact, he assassinates all three in a chain and makes quick work of the fourth and last one. Not before the Mongol calls for reinforcements.

It is at this point that the main character’s friend betrays him. They fight for a short period and it is the most stunning scene in the trailer. The cinematography is on point, especially with the sunset in the background, and their “arena” ignites the longer they battle. Once the player disarms the friend, they both turn to fight the Mongols and the trailer ends.

Clearly, Suckerpunch is creating an astonishing game. Not only does the combat look smooth and intricate, the scenery of the game itself is breathtaking and worth many a screenshot.

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