New Cuphead DLC Announced For 2019 (E3 2018)

Cuphead DLC Release Date

Everyone’s favorite sentient cup is back and he’s bringing a new friend with him. During Microsoft’s conference, Cuphead may a small appearance in the form of a brief trailer teasing a new expansion in 2019. Titled “The Delicious Last Course,” this expansion will feature new bosses, levels, charms, weapons, and even a new playable character. The latter comes in the form of Ms. Chalice, who is the first new character that players can try.

We still don’t know much about the game, but we suspect it will be full of difficult bosses and controller smashing moments. Whether you can play Ms. Chalice for the main game is still unknown, along with any of the bosses or worlds we get to fight in. TThis teaser also gave us a look at a new character called Chef Saltbaker, which feels like a nod to how salty this game can make players. Whether he is a friend or a foe is unknown, but there is clearly a food theme going on.

This expansion is set for 2019, presumably due to the design and artistic demand to make this title. Since everything is hand drawn we are even surprised a new DLC is coming next year.

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