Realm Royale: Chickens, Feathers, and Reviving Explained

Realm Royale is the breakout battle royale game that takes this familiar multiplayer formula and infuses it with class-based gameplay. Instead of having every user have the same stats and abilities, Realm Royale allows players to pick one of five classes. Each one has their own abilities, special movement skill, and passives that can easily turn the tide of battle. But this isn’t the only change that Realm Royale makes, as it gives the traditional reviving system a humorous twist.

Here’s a look at how the reviving system works, what feathers mean and what’s with all those chickens in Realm Royale.

Author’s Note: Realm Royale is still in Alpha so any of the information below is subject to change. If anything is altered we will update this guide with the current information. 

What are Chickens?

If you’ve played Realm Royale at all then it’s hard to miss all the colorful chickens running around the map. These giant birds are actually players whose health has dropped to 0. Once a person has transformed into a chicken they will be completely defenseless and unable to fight back. A 30-second timer will appear that counts down as a person flounders about as a chicken. If they manage to stay alive until the timer hits 0 then they’ll instantly transform back into their character with 50% health.

You will retain all items, weapons, and abilities when you transform back into your character. Inversely, if you are skilled while in chicken form then that’s it and you will be eliminated from the game. Just remember, if you are turned into a chicken there is still a chance you can escape from your killer. Try to waste your opponents time by having them search for you or run up and down stairs to get you. One of my favorite tricks is to bait someone up a tall building and then jump out a small window, forcing them to run back down.

Remember, they can still hear you clucking so if you get turned try to get as much distance as possible.

Can Teammates Revive You?

Realm Royale best class

Unlike other battle royale games, there is no way for players to revive one another in-game. This means once you are turned into a chicken it’s up to your teammates to defend you until the timer expires. If you are playing alone then you’ll just turn into a chicken and need to hide without relying on someone to cover you.

For those playing in a squad, we recommend bringing an Engineer and getting the barrier ability. This is great for when someone goes down because the shield will protect them long enough to make a run for it. Since it only takes a few shots to kill a chicken, you’ll want all the protection you can get.

What do the Feathers Mean?

There are a lot of things to keep track of in Realm Royale, but one of the most important are feathers. These showcase how many times you can transform into a chicken before instantly dying. Every player starts out with 3 feathers and you will lose one every time you are knocked down. If you are knocked down when you have zero feathers then you’ll instantly be killed.

Currently, there is no way to gain additional feathers, so when you have one left we suggest playing defensively. The last thing you want is to rush a team with no way to get back up if you are downed.

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