Will Realm Royale Have First-Person Gameplay?

Realm Royale First Person Mode

Hi-Rez Studios

Hi- Rez Studios’ Realm Royale is the latest battle royale game to hit the market and it has done a good job in gathering an audience so far.

A lot of the initial success is thanks to top streamers like Ninja, Summit1G and Tim the Tat Man playing and spreading the word about the game. Any time a game is able to reach the top played game on Twitch it’s a good thing.

Realm Royale is an alpha title that is currently in Steam’s early access so there will certainly be bumps in the road and additions coming to the game over time.

One thing that is asked for quite often in battle royale games is the addition of a first-person mode. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds launched without a first-person option but has since added one in and a lot of streamers such as Shroud and DrDisrespect use the mode almost exclusively.

One of Hi-Rez Studios other games, Paladins, showed the studio has the ability to craft a first-person shooter so many players are probably wondering if there will ever be a first-person option for players that prefer it. There has also been chatter about a potential Paladins crossover in the future but that’s likely a while down the road.

Hi-Rez Studios addressed the question in FAQ post on Steam saying it isn’t the priority right now. The team says they are focusing on refining and tweaking the third-person gameplay experience so it sounds like the first-person mode will be on the back burner right now.

After spending a few hours with Realm Royale it becomes clear the game was definitely designed with third-person in mind so it might take a little bit of work to balance the game for a first-person option.

This doesn’t mean the door is officially closed on the addition of a first-person option but it probably means it isn’t coming any time soon. The addition of the new option would probably force Hi-Rez to make separate queues for it so it would splinter the playerbase.

It’s probable we’ll see more changes, such as first-person and the inclusion of an item shop, once the game is able to attract and retain a healthy playerbase. The game has been available on Steam for just a few days now so the playerbase will probably fluctuate over the next couple of days as players decide whether the game is right for them or not.

When Realm Royale eventually becomes monetized it will probably open up more doors to more features being added to game. An option for a battle pass is in the main menu but there’s currently no way to access it. Even a simple $10 option like Fortnite offers could work wonders for this game.

Realm Royale is available now on PC through Steam. For more news and guides about Realm Royale, stay with us here at Heavy.

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