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Realm Royale Solo Queue

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Realm Royale has added a solo queue into the game now… original post below:

Realm Royale, the latest battle royale title to hit the market, has caught the world by storm and has created a pretty large impact in just a matter of days.

Thanks to popular streamers like Summit1G and Ninja, the game has reached a wide range of people in a short period of time, which has surely helped increase the awareness.

Unfortunately, it’s a pretty hard game to get into if you don’t have at least one other player to play with. As it stands right now, there is no way to enter a Solo queue meaning you’ll have to join a Duos or Squad game and have it set to No Fill.

While it’s not the traditional Solo queue you’re looking for, it is an option for players to enjoy the game solo. It isn’t easy to win without a partner but it’s certainly possible.

Of course you can just queue into a Duos game and just play with a random teammate who is likely doing the same thing as you. Voice chat is available in the game but right now it doesn’t seem like many players take advantage of it. You could also decide to be a bad teammate and just land far away from your teammate so it feels like you’re playing solo anyways.

It seems rather surprising that a battle royale game launched without a way to just queue against other solo players but that’s just the way it is right now. It seems pretty likely a Solo queue will come in the future since it makes little since to have it included at launch.

However, the developers have said this regarding a potential solo queue:

Realm Royale is built heavily on teamwork. As such, we want to focus on the Squad and Duos modes during this phase of Early Access. Should players not want to play in a group, the FILL TEAM option allows players to queue in smaller group numbers.

Realm Royale is in Early Access on Steam so it will continually receive updates as time goes on. At first glance the cartoony graphics may remind players of Fortnite but the game is so much deeper than that.

Realm Royale takes the traditionally battle royale formula of having 100 players drop into a map and turns it on its head. Like Fortnite and the building mechanic, Realm Royale sets itself apart with the ability to craft weapons and armor. There’s also the ability to summon a mount which is something other battle royale games lack.

All weapons can be broken down into shards which can then be taken to different armories and crafted into new weapons, armor and skills. Players also have their choice of five different classes to choose from before the match ranging from Warrior, Mage, Assassin, Hunter and Engineer. All five classes have different abilities and legendary weapons so you’ll be able to find something to fit your playstyle.

After the closure of Boss Key, the developer of Radical Heights, it seems the stage is set for Realm Royale to take the spot for the main competitor of Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Only time will tell whether this game is successful but early returns are promising.

Realm Royale is available now through Steam. Nothing has been announced about a PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch port but stay tuned for more news.

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