Is Realm Royale PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch Coming?

Realm Royale PS4

Hi-Rez Studios


The latest game in the wildly popular battle royale genre has released and it has some players buzzing.

Realm Royale, made by Hi-Rez Studios, the team behind Smite and Paladins, threw their hat into the ring and the result is a pretty solid experience.

Realm Royale puts players into a lobby with 100 other players as they battle it out to achieve the number one spot. As of launch, there is only a Duos or Squad queue so you’ll have to team up or play on no fill and be at a disadvantage if you want to try the game.

There are few interesting takes on the genre here as players have the ability to craft new armor and weapons and even have a class to choose from. The graphics will surely give players a Fortnite vibe but the game is so much more deeper.

There are melee and ranged weapons which help keep the combat feeling fresh while each of the five classes have different advantages so there’s surely something that will fit your playstyle.

For right now, the game is available on Steam free of charge but that doesn’t mean console versions aren’t coming. Both Smite and Paladins have made their way to consoles so it’d be surprising if this game didn’t actually come eventually.

While Paladins launched on Xbox One and PS4 simultaneously, Smite launched on the Xbox One roughly a year earlier than it did on PS4 so there’s no clear idea as to how Realm Royale will launch on console, if it does at all.

Hi-Rez Studios has not made an official confirmation either way as to whether the game will remain a PC exclusive or if it will go to console. The full game hasn’t officially released on Steam but instead it’s in Early Access meaning updates are going to keep coming. Developers have spoken on how they would like console players to try the game so that does indicate it’ll probably be there.

Xbox One has a Game Preview program which does give Realm Royale a way to release on the console but PS4 doesn’t have an option to do anything like that. This is complete speculation, but it’d lead us to believe if a console version was coming that an Xbox One release would be first. It’s also possible a PS4 and Xbox One version are coming at the same time.

At the time of this writing, no Hi-Rez title has released on Nintendo’s newest hybrid console. There have been some rumors linking Paladins to the Switch so it’s possible Smite and even Realm Royale are on the way. As for now, nothing has been announced.

Update: Paladins has been announced for Nintendo Switch. Here’s the trailer.

Paladins for Nintendo Switch – Announcement TrailerThe hit fantasy team-based shooter Paladins is coming to Nintendo Switch! Join more than 25 million players with cross-platform multiplayer and 60 FPS hero shooter gameplay. Paladins is Available Now! #NintendoSwitch #Paladins Subscribe for more Nintendo fun! Visit for all the latest! Like Nintendo on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:…2018-06-07T15:00:04.000Z

In all likelihood, we’re probably a little ways out from an Xbox One and PS4 version since the game just launched on PC. For now all we can do is wait for more information. We’ll be sure to update this post once we hear any word on a future console port.

Realm Royale is available now via Steam Early Access for free. For more gaming news, guides and coverage stay with us here at Heavy.

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