How to Summon Your Horse in Realm Royale

Realm Royale horse

Realm Royale is the newest battle royale game to hit the market and it’s mixing class-based characters with the 100 person deathmatch formula. Despite the cartoony appearance, Realm Royale wisely distinguishes itself from the main competitor in the genre, Fortnite. Unlike other battle royale games, this title adds a few new elements such as forging items, class abilities and being able to summon a horse on command in Realm Royale.

Author’s Note: Realm Royale is still in Alpha so any of the information below is subject to change. If anything is altered we will update this guide with the current information. 

It’s the latter that really stands out, simply because mobility in the battle royale genre is not always available. Most titles require users to obtain special items or locate vehicles, while Realm Royale allows players to summon their transport anytime. In order to get your horse, simply stand outside in an open area and hold down the Z key. This will bring up a small circular meter that fills up as you cast the spell. Once your horse arrives, you’ll be magically placed on top of it and can ride it almost anywhere in the game.

The only place you cannot take a horse is inside any building or structure on the map. If you try to ride into while on a horse the game will cause the steed to vanish and you’ll be back on your feet. It’s instantaneous so don’t worry about any delay that could get you killed in the transition. Additionally, if you take any damage while riding on the horse you’ll instantly dismount and be forced to summon the creature again.

This means if you are trying to escape a fight then never run in a straight line unless you absolutely have to. Anyone on a horse is easy to hit – especially with a rifle – so try not to just rush enemies. The characters in Realm Royale have good movement abilities that are perfect for engaging foes, so only use the horse when you need to traverse the world. You can also jump while on the horse by pressing the space button. Horses are useful for outrunning the fog and getting your team into position before a fight.

Remember, you cannot fire while riding or use any of your abilities. Any action other than movement and jumping will cause you to dismount. There also appears to be no cooldown on the horses summon, so if you’re knocked off you can immediately try to bring it back. One really good use for horses is if you drop into a hotly contested area and don’t get a gun right away. Instead of scurrying around for a weapon, just hop on your horse and ride off before anyone notices you.

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