10 Surfatron Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Surfatron – Gameplay ShowcaseSurfatron is an endless runner-style line surfer game, with jumping mechanics that are easy to learn but difficult to master. You play as Dusty, a good-hearted but snarky now-sentient video game console from the 90's. His clock speed isn't what it used to be, but what he lacks for in megahertz he makes up for with experience and attitude! He's trapped inside the Pixelverse – the space and time that exists between the hardware and his currently loaded game cartridge – left to battle the bugs and corruptions that the game developers left behind! Features: – objectives that rewards gear – coin collecting to buy more gear and upgrade it too – synergies between gear – grab powerful pickups while surfing to get an edge in the Pixelverse. – set your high score, and compete with friends on Facebook – achievements that gives you an edge when trying to beat the score of a friend While collecting upgrades for Dusty you also get power-ups for his real-life buddy Rad Rodgers in the PC and PlayStation 4 platformer 'Rad Rodgers: World One'. Use a Connection ID from Rad Rodgers inside of Surfatron to connect the two games, earning power-ups that can be passed across the Pixelverse between the two games! For the old time gamers out there, it might be interesting to know that Dusty in both Rad Rodgers and Surfatron is voiced by Jon St. John, the voice of Duke Nukem.2018-02-21T00:59:57.000Z

Remember 3D Realms?

Those happen to be the folks behind classic PC first-person shooters, like Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior. They’re still in the business of developing great games and now they’re transitioned into mobile. Their new iOS/Android experience is the extra quirky endless runner, Surfatron. As sentient 90s video game console Dusty, you’ll have to hop and bop your way out of Pixelverse. And this tips guide will push you further towards freedom!

Here are the top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Surfatron:

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1. Keep it Moving

Surfatron Game Tips

3D Realms

• Tapping and holding the screen will speed Dusty up as he glides along the data streams. Keep doing this. You need to stay ahead of the big bad that’s constantly in pursuit, and if you don’t haul it you’re going to get gobbled up within seconds.

2. Mind Your Jumps

• You can swipe the screen to fling Dusty in the direction of that swipe, which is a great way to nab various items and avoid enemies. However, Dusty can only survive for so long when not clutching a data stream. Be sure to get him back on track before the orange bar at the top of the screen is empty, or else he’s toast.

3. Mid-Air Adjustments are a Thing

• In addition to being able to fling Dusty off of data streams, you can also swipe while he’s still airborne to change his trajectory. This is a very important technique to remember for when you find him slightly off target or need to avoid an unexpected baddie. But be careful, you can only adjust Dusty in mid-flight twice. After that you’re stuck waiting for him to latch onto a data stream and recharge, or blow up. Whichever comes first.

4. You Have More Control Than You Think

• Swiping is the fastest way to jump or otherwise adjust your trajectory, but you can also drag and hold on the screen for more precise aim. Doing this will bring up a directional indicator (a blueish arrow that points away from Dusty), which you can adjust to your heart’s content in order to get a good angle on things. Remember that Dusty won’t jump until you let go, which is great, but he’ll also continue moving at an increased pace while you hold the screen.

5. Know Your Bugs

• There are several types of glitchy enemies that can give Dusty trouble, and knowing how to deal with them can be a big help. Most of them can only be destroyed with power-ups (except for the Big-Ass-Mofo, there’s no fighting that one). However, enemies riding the data stream can be deleted by having Dusty crash into them from behind. Just look for their yellow glowing rear ends.

6. The Coins will Guide You

• Collecting coins is important because you can use them to upgrade Gear for Dusty or buy chests that dispense random pieces of Gear. However, coins are also useful because they can clue you in on potential pathways that are hidden off-screen. A line of coins will always point towards other data streams, so if you follow the trail you’re bound to find a new track – and sometimes even a power-up or two.

7. Watch Out for Secrets

• You’ll know a secret track by its very, very green coloring. These special green data streams are a great way to earn extra points, and they’re also usually a good source for power-ups.

8. Complete Quests for More Goodies

• You can see what your current quest is by checking out the Quest tab on the main menu. These can include tasks from bopping a certain number of enemies to collectively earning a specific amount of points from jumping, and completion earns you a chest. You can also see what your current quest is during a run buy checking the bottom of the screen. Also worth noting: You can complete multiple quests in the same run, so long as you meet the requirements once each new quest becomes available.

9. Game the System With Gear

• Gear is a great way to give Dusty various types of perks – such as earning additional coins for near misses with enemies or providing a score boost for jumps. You can equip up to three pieces of Gear at a time, and if you’re savvy you can use those effects to try and make completing quests easier or just simply improve Dusty’s survivability.

10. Upgrade and Sell Your Gear, Too

• Pieces of gear provide a perk right away, but they also have additional effects that can be unlocked (the greater the rarity, the more effects a piece of Gear will have). You can get a vague idea of what the next upgrade will give you (i.e. Gain “??” coins for every jump) by looking at a given piece of Gear’s info page, but you won’t know exactly what its effects are until the upgrade is complete. You can also sell the Gear you don’t want for Gems (premium currency) if you’d prefer, then use those Gems for things like reducing the wait time on an upgrade or buying stacks of coins.

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