10 Castle Creeps Battle Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Castle Creeps Battle: Official TrailerCastle Creeps Battle launches worldwide! Join the ultimate PvP combat experience and clash with opponents from across the globe, defending your Castle whilst destroying your enemies’ defenses! Outsmart your foes in real-time combat, collecting cards to upgrade your forces to build the ultimate Battle deck and crush the Arenas. Do you have what it takes…2018-07-19T14:00:58.000Z

Ever since Clash of Clans entered the world of mobile tower defense games, several contenders have entered the race to become #1.

Never mind all the horrible copycats that did nothing to alter their mechanics (all they seem to change up is their names). There’s actually a good amount of Clash of Clans-like games that offer a different spin on that IP’s winning formula. You can also find a wealth of mobile titles that stick to the gameplay introduced in Clash Royale.

Outplay Entertainment has released a similar title that sticks to the fun tower battle and hero/troops management of both games – Castle Creeps Battle. With the help of the developers behind this new release, we’ve compiled a list of tips that will make you an unstoppable force in the arena.

Here are the top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Castle Creeps Battle:

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1. The Best Defense is a Good Offense

Castle Creeps Battle Tips

Outplay Entertainment Ltd

• When setting up a team, you can save up to five different lineups. Your Hero will always cost the most Elixir when it comes time to throw them into the fray. It’s always good to feature a different Hero for each of your team setups. As for your Tower setup, put the type of defense in place that attacks fast in the front. And make sure you place a Tower weapon that’s a bit slower in the Hit Speed stat in the back.

• As for the eight slots you have to fill with Troops and Spells, you should set up a team according to the card’s Elixir costs we’re about to list here. One Six-Star Troop type, one Five-Star Troop type, one Spell (any Elixir cost is fine), two Four-Star Troop types, and three Three-Star Troop types works pretty well. Another good team lineup you can rely on is as follows – Two Five-Star Troop types, two Spell types, one Four-Star Troop types, and three Three-Star Troop types. During battle, save your Elixir and deploy multiple cards for a strong offensive attack. Keep an eye out for countering splash attacks.

2. Spells are Key to a Strong Deck

Castle Creeps Battle Tips

Outplay Entertainment Ltd

• Make sure to include a few Spells in your deck, like Blast. This one can save you in a tricky situation and clear out a tower that’s ready to fall. Another great Spell that can save you in a pitch is Regeneration. This one especially comes in handy for one of your larger Troop types, such as the Berserker. Keeping such a powerful warrior alive longer thanks to your healing spell should be one of your go-to options for one of your teams.

• The Frenzy Spell works well when you’re close to losing a battle – this Spell powers up your Troops so they can make a final push to victory! The Freeze Spell works well when you spot a massive enemy type or two on the battlefield. As for the Plague Spell, it works well as a part of any team lineup. Try unleashing it as soon as soon as your opponent spawns a powerful Troop type. Or activate it when you spot a bunch of enemy Troops that are in close proximity to each other. Your Troops will have a much easier time taking them down now that their health has been whittled down by Plague.

3. Watch Out for Swarms

• Deploy troops with splash attacks, like the Goblin Bomber, to make quick work of swarms. You should especially focus on upgrading this Troop type – they’re capable of taking down multiple enemies at once and opening up a path to your enemy’s towers for your bigger Troop types.

4. The Bigger They Are, the Harder They Fall…

• Take down high HP targets, such as the Ogre Brute, with a swarm of troops. The Goblin Horde or Goblin Airforce are great picks you can rely on to handle this tall task. When you’re ready to send a big Troop type out, make sure they’re backed up by lower ranked allies. Sending out a Warlock and having him fight alongside a Harpy and a few Goblin Bombers is a good example of that.

5. Defeat Swarms of Troops in a Single Throw

Castle Creeps Battle Tips

Outplay Entertainment Ltd

• Mason’s Hero Ability, Guillotine, can mow down hordes of enemy troops. Try to aim past your enemies so they get hit again the way back. Mason also increases the speed of nearby allied troops.

6. Defend Your Troops From a Distance

Castle Creeps Battle Tips

Outplay Entertainment Ltd

• Ember’s Hero Ability, Volley, is perfect for protecting your troops from enemy swarms.

7. Put Kusk’s Cannon to the Test

• Although slow, Kusk’s Hero Ability Payload packs a big punch. It’s capable of outright defeating several tougher troops.

8. Bypass Your Opponent’s Defenses

• Crypt Lord’s Hero Ability, Resurrect, allows him to summon lots of Crypt Minions. These troops can be spawned anywhere on the battlefield, allowing you to sneak attack enemy towers.

9. Don’t Forget About Threats From Above!

• Ensure you build your Deck with spells and troops that are capable of dealing with flying units. Every one of your teams should go into battle with this type of defensive maneuver covered. Axe Throwers, the Sharpshooter, Rangers and other similar Troop types can be relied on to pick off flying units from a distance.

10. Invite Your Friends and Progress Faster

Castle Creeps Battle

Outplay Entertainment Ltd

• Invite your friends to play and you’ll earn 500 Coins for each one that ends up installing the game. You can then send and request coins every 24-hours, which goes towards stocking up on more to upgrade your cards and dominate the battlefield. You’ll mainly obtain the game’s other currency type, Gems, by completing Achievements and unlocking the goodies inside your Free and Shield Chest’s.

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