Fortnite’s Playground Mode Returns Later This Week

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Fortnite’s most ambitious mode is finally making a return after going on hiatus during the release of Season 5. Playground mode opens up the creative floodgates and allows players to build, experiment, and kill their friends over and over again. Acting as a pseudo-private match, a team of four can drop onto the island and do whatever they want within the 60-minute time span.

Developer Epic Games took to Twitter this afternoon and confirmed that Fortnite’s Playground mode will return on July 25 following the 5.10 Patch update. This will follow the Birthday event that goes live tomorrow, which should make finding the in-game cakes pretty easy. Currently, there is no new information regarding any of the changes around Playground mode.

However, users can get a sneak peek at what’s to come when Fortnite’s downtime kicks in at 4:00 AM ET. Given the mode’s positive reception, we only expect some minor tweaks to be made to the overall gameplay. What needs be to adjusted is the time limit and Playground absolutely needs a way to save changes made to the map.

The 60-minute time limit doesn’t give players a ton of time to craft gorgeous structures or unique mini-games for their friends. By either removing this time constraint or allowing users to save alterations they’ve made, it would encourage more players to spend time in Playground.

With only a few days left until its return, all eyes will be on Epic Games to see what has changed for their most popular mode.

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