Worlds Collide: Season 5 of Fortnite Begins Tomorrow

Fortnite Worlds Collide

Epic Games

After not much excitement leading into Season 5, Fortnite has ramped it up a notch in recent weeks and now there is suddenly a lot of hype surrounding the new season.

It all started with the rocket launch last month which ended up creating a huge tear in the sky that has had some major impacts on various spots on the map.

It started with a rift appearing near Lonely Lodge, before spreading to Tomato Town, Greasy Grove, Wailing Woods and other locations on the map. These rifts have consumed the mascot for Tomato Town and Greasy Grove, effectively removing them from the game.

Next, players started to see mysterious objects come out of the rifts such as an anchor, a horse-drawn carriage and a set of animal bones. This has led many to believe the Season 5 theme will involve time traveling in some way. The Season 5 tagline “Worlds Collide” is more evidence of this fact as it sounds like many different time periods will be coming together.

We’ll know more for sure once the season officially begins. Season 5 will bring on a whole new set of challenges, emotes, skins, etc. A new Battle Pass will be available and we’d imagine another free Battle Pass will be included as well.

Keep in mind all of the cosmetics such as skins, back blings and emotes found in the Season 4 Battle Pass will be locked away forever once the season concludes so make sure you finish grinding out your Battle Pass if there’s something you want.

Players also have the option of buying individual tiers to get to where they want so if you have some money to spare that will always be an option to you.

There aren’t many hints as to what to expect for Season 5 but we’re sure all of those questions will be gone tomorrow. Who knows, we might even see the release of more once vaulted skins in the new season.

New cosmetics will certainly be on the way but we don’t know exactly what to expect yet. There have been several rumors but nothing concrete yet about what skins will be included. With the “Worlds Collide” theme we might be able to expect skins from various points in time. We’ve even heard some rumors floating around about Indiana Jones-inspired skins.

Season 4 of Fortnite wraps up today and there’s little downtime as Season 5 will kick off immediately after.  There will likely be a patch that will be introducing the new Battle Pass as well as the new challenges that will be available. Are you excited for Season 5? Let us know in the comment section below.

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