Here is Fortnite’s Second Moisty Mire Portal/Rift Location (Bones)

Fortnite New Moisty Mires Portal

Fortnite’s world is constantly changing as different weapons, items, locations, and events take place each week. This has crafted an environment where players are always digging for clues and new answers for what’s coming down the pipe. One of the biggest mysteries currently plaguing Fortnite is the emergence of portals across the island.

Originally these rifts began appearing when the villain’s rocket cracked the sky earlier in the month. Now, these portals are slowly warping odd items into the environment like a carriage and anchor. Seeing one of these objects emerge into the world is a rare treat, but you have another chance to catch this mini-event later today. A second portal has appeared deep in the swamps of Moisty Mire.

According to Fortrise Leaks, a reptilian skeleton will arrive today at 3:00 PM ET/ 12:00 PM PT. However, finding this portal can be a bit tricky since its hidden pretty far from any big conflict zones. When you start up the game, skydive towards the northern part of Moisty Mire, just above the film set that filled with chests. On the map, go to the tree that’s right of the Moisty Mire’s name. You will find the portal on a small patch of land by the submerged ice cream truck.

Below we have marked the exact location of the second Moisty Mire’s portal on the map.

Fortnite Moisty Mires Portal Location

For the unfamiliar, if you arrive at this portal during this time you’ll witness the rift teleport a pile of bones in. This won’t have any effect on the gameplay and is probably going to be the last item to be warped in before Season 5 begins. Remember, if you plan to view this event make sure to arrive at this location a little before 3:00 PM ET otherwise you could miss it. Like the other portals and rocket take off, these are one time events that can be missed if you’re not online.

All of these portals have stirred up a ton of fan theories about what’s to come. Many believe that we are either getting a new map or the old one is going to be drastically changed. It’s pretty clear that developer Epic Games is playing with the concept of time travel, especially with the various teaser images released over the past two days. There’s been no coherent theme outside of time travel that fits with any of the leaks or images released so far.

Given the steps Epic has taken to make Season 4’s world feel unique, we can only imagine what’s going to take place in two days. Fortnite’s Season 5 is set to arrive on September 12 for PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Xbox One.

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