5 Identity V Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

That sense of dread you feel when your life is close to being taken is overwhelming.

Games like Until Dawn, Friday the 13th: The Game and Dead by Daylight brought that horrifying experience to consoles. And thanks to NetEase Games, you can finally replicate those games’ asymmetrical multiplayer with the release of Identity V. A mysterious and dangerous round of hide & seek is at play here as four Survivors try to stay ahead of a single Hunter. There’s a lot of team tactics to employ here, as well as the type of smart maneuvering that will transform you into the ultimate Hunter. This tips guide will help you excel in both areas.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Identity V:

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1. Get Through all the Tutorials Before You Hop Online

Identity V Tips

NetEase Games

• The early chapters that take place during your trek through a dilapidated mansion are meant to teach you the ways of Identity V. These mandatory tutorials come to an end once you complete Memory 1-10. You’ll get the option to hop online and play quick matches afterwards, but you shouldn’t throw yourself into the fray with human players just yet. You still have a lot to learn.

• To the right of the “Quick Match” option is the “Tutorial” tab, which offers you extra learning missions for the Survivor and Hunter. Better your understanding of the game’s varied mechanics through this method. Complete all of the Tutorial missions to gather extra Clues, which goes towards purchasing characters, Memory spheres, and more!

2. Turn up the Volume and Pay Close Attention to Audio Cues

Identity V Tips

NetEase Games

• When you’re out in the field as either a Survivor or a Hunter, keep your ears peeled. Identity V is the type of game where the difference between a good player and a bad one is how much they pay attention to the sounds in the environment. When playing as a Survivor and in the middle of decoding a cipher machine, listen close for a audio cue. That audio notification lets you know that the decoding process meter is about to pop up. Make sure you stop the needle in the marked spot every time so you speed things up.

• If you’re a Hunter, you’ll want to use the listen ability near the start of a match. This helps you zero in on everyone and get an early lead on who to hunt for first. The cooldown timer on that ability is long, which is why it makes more sense to use it as soon as the hunting begins. Eventually, one of the Survivors will slip up and flub the meter minigame during the cipher machine decoding process. That error will cause a loud noise, which always pushes you in the direction of a Survivor. So you’ll most likely catch Survivors after they make a mistake as they’re in the middle of decoding a cipher machine.

3. The Best Ways to Excel as a Survivor

Identity V Tips

NetEase Games

• As you play through the game’s main story chapters, Quick Matches, and Tutorials, you’ll begin unlocking new Survivors. Each Survivor comes with External Traits that you need to study up on and utilize properly during matches. One of the Survivors that’s practically useless is the Lucky Guy, so don’t even worry about using him. Play with each Survivor and settle on the ones that reflect your playstyle. If you’re more focused on taking on the Hunter while your teammates are decoding machines, stick with Frontline. But if you consider yourself more of an efficient healer, then playing as the Doctor is your best option.

• The full character roster you’ll unlock over time includes Gardener, Doctor, Thief, Lawyer, Lucky Guy, Frontline, The Mind’s Eye, Coordinator, Mechanic, Mercenary, Huckster, Explorer, and Priest. Now when it’s time to play some matches, it’s always best to stay close to another player. That way, you can help decode cipher machines much quicker (decoding a cipher machine with two players helps the process go a lot faster). Playing a match in teams of two is also a smart decision since you can quickly heal a player if they run into trouble.

4. The Best Ways to Excel as a Hunter

Identity V Tips

NetEase Games

• Like we mentioned beforehand, the listen ability for a Hunter is worth activating near the start of a match. Take note of all four Survivors from that point forward and begin searching for them. Using the listen ability is also good when time is running out or when you notice that the Survivors are close to escaping. If you manage to get near a cipher machine, pick a hiding spot nearby so you have an easier time knocking down a Survivor. Eventually, one Survivor will take a chance at decoding that cipher machine and fall right into your grasp. When Survivors are in the middle of an activity, you’ll be able to land an extra powerful “Terror Shock” attack.

• When you finally come upon a sole Survivor, don’t let them escape! Follow them relentlessly and make sure you lay them out before you go chasing another one. If you happen to lock a Survivor in a rocket chair and another Survivor comes along to free them, that’s the perfect time to pop out of a nearby hiding spot and surprise them. Knock out that extra Survivor with a Terror Shock attack, wait until the trapped Survivor gets eliminated from the game, then quickly trap the other Survivor in a nearby rocket chair.

5. Get Familiar With Persona Structure and Select the Best Talents for Your Survivor

Identity V Tips

NetEase Games

• Once you unlock the Persona Web, you’ll get the chance to add extra Talents to your Survivors and Hunters. Survivors’ Talents mainly consists of their Tranquility, Bravery, Friendship, and Persistence. As for Hunters, their talents cater to their Toughness, Deceit, Deterrence, and Vigilance. Put your points towards the types of talents that define your playstyle for both Survivors and Hunters. Speaking of Hunters, you’ll be able to upgrade and play as Hell Ember, Smiley Face, The Ripper, and Game Keeper.

• Oh and don’t worry – you can always take your points back from a previously unlocked ability. That ability will become locked again, but the points you get back can be put towards an ability you’d much rather prefer utilizing. Purchase talents that apply well to your playstyle. You’ll definitely be doing a lot of talent switching, so don’t feel bad about re-locking talents. Talents that speed up the rate at which your Survivors perform various tasks are worth unlocking. And Talents that improve your alertness for active Survivors are great picks for Hunters.

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How is the lucky guy useless? He is a little difficult for beginners to use, as he doesn’t have an external trait apart from Veteran, but even so, planning on Kiting, get a rugby ball. Planning on rescuing, get a flare gun. You’re injured? Get a Needle, or a controller. Get a flashlight. Get anything! Perfume! Wand! Anything you desire! Because the one thing you cannot rely on is luck. And if You can kite, decode, rescue, whatever, then lucky guy is a serious survivor. I don’t DONT care if he is TEIR 3, he is a good survivor. And I recommend him for talented survivors.

Zero xix

I play a lot and just the fact that you telling ppl to camp as a hunter is cheap learn by playing and getting better I never camp and win most of my games but I’m not so salty to camp I can accept loss if the team is good. Campers are trash and ruin the game.


Too true, friend. I only Camp if my tenitis is going off, because if a survivor is within 36 meters, I’m not leaving. But i don’t facecamp. They deserve a chance.
(I use detention lol)


true. i win all of my games by not camping because i want to give the survivors a chance 99% of the players do however, so they are pretty surprised when i don’t xD.

i am in legendary rank btw, so it’s not easy and i am okay with that because i love the challenge and the chase. it’s what makes it fun.

also i’m pretty sure standing in front of the chair for two(i’m pretty sure three if you have ‘snooze’) minutes is a waste of time (since it takes two minutes to decode -1 30 if there are two people on it) and if there is a good team then you won’t be getting that kill, especially if there is a forward/coordinator/cowboy (bonus if they are swf and on discord) all on the same team -which is pretty toxic lol- then it’s automatically a loss for you as the hunter bc all they have to do is wait for the coordinator to use her flare and then it’s up to the other two to do the rest.

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