New Forsaken Exotics Shown in Destiny 2 Trailer

Destiny 2 Forsaken Exotics


A brand new trailer for Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion has dropped and it’s showing off a plethora of new exotic armor pieces and weapons. Many of these weapons are brand new and haven’t been spoiled since Forsaken’s announcement. With Bungie’s recent push to make exotics feel more powerful, it’s clear that they are implementing a ton of crazy ideas in this DLC.

Destiny 2: Forsaken – New Weapons and GearGuardians everywhere will need to gear up if they aim to take down Uldren and his Barons. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the new loot coming in Destiny 2: Forsaken. The enemy doesn’t stand a chance when you have a bow that lets you see through walls, or a dual-firing rocket launcher which…2018-07-26T17:00:15.000Z

In the brief 2 minute trailer, we get a look at 10 different exotics, each of which offering a unique ability that can drastically shake things up. Here is a quick breakdown of what each exotic shown off does:

  • Two-Tailed Fox (Rocket Launcher) – Fires a Void and Solar Rocket at the same time
  • Antaeus Wards (Titan Boots) – Slide to Reflect Projectiles
  • Trinity Ghoul (Bow) – Precision kills create electrical storm arrows
  • The Sixth Coyote (Hunter Chest) – Double dodge roll
  • Malfeasance (Hand Cannon) – 5 hits triggers an explosion
  • Black Talon (Sword) – Launches a projectile at targets
  • One Thousand Voices (Linear Fusion) – Exploding beam of fire
  • Chromatic Fire (Warlock Chest) – Precision Kinetic kills trigger elemental explosions
  • Wish-Ender (Bow) – Pierces targets and sees enemies through walls
  • Ace of Spades (Hand Cannon) – Reloading after a kill grants extra-damage bullets

Out of all these exotics, our personal favorites are the Wish-Ender bow and the Malfeasance hand cannon. Both of these looking extremely powerful, with the former certainly being one of the new go-to exotics for the Crucible. Being able to see targets through walls – even if it’s a short distance – can mean the difference between life and death. Players should absolutely expect this bow to start making the rounds in Trials of the Nine once Forsaken releases.

As we grow closer to Destiny 2’s first major expansion, we cannot help but get excited at the prospect of diving back into this title. One intriguing detail is the appearance of the original Destiny’s Prison of Elders armor on a Titan near the end of the trailer. While there has been no word on this mode returning, it’s great to see a familiar helmet make a return. The Forsaken expansion releases on September 4 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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