Is No Man’s Sky Cross-Platform?

No Mans Sky Cross Platform

One of the biggest updates for No Man’s Sky has officially dropped and it’s introducing a whole host of new features. From enhanced base building mechanics to character customization options to multiple changes to the environment this patch has added a ton of content into this title. However, the biggest addition is the ability for players to experience No Man’s Sky with others. Many are wondering if they can explore this amazing universe with other players on different systems.

Sadly, No Man’s Sky currently features no Cross-Platform play for Xbox One, PC, or PS4. Even though some major titles are letting players play across different systems, No Man’s Sky is currently absent this feature. However, there is always a chance that Hello Games implements this into their PC and Xbox One variations of No Man’s Sky. While the chances of Sony introducing cross-platform with their competitors is very slim, Microsoft has been pushing this concept for some time now.

If you do want to play with others you’ll need to make sure everyone is on the same platform. Once you load up the game, No Man’s Sky will ask you whether you want to join or continue your own journey. Doing the former lets you partner up with strangers and the latter allows you to open your own world to friends. From here just go into the settings menu and then the “Network and Voice” tab. You should be able to invite your buddies into the game or turn off the online component so you can play alone.

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