Pokemon Go Registeel: Best Counters & Moves in Raids

pokemon go registeel best counters


The legendary Pokemon Registeel is now available to fight in Raid Battles in Pokemon Go for a limited time, developer Niantic announced. Registeel will be in the game from now until August 16, giving you nearly an entire month to catch it.

The Legendary Pokemon isn’t as strong as some other Legendary Pokemon, but you’ll still want a strong counter to increase your odds of beating and catching it.

According to user JANKA_lml on The Silph Road subreddit, Registeel has a Raid Boss CP of 30,596 and a base capture rate of two percent. Registeel comes with the Quick Moves Metal Claw or Rock Smash along with the Charge Moves Flash Cannon, Focus Blast, or Hyper Beam. As a pure steel-type, it is resistant against a whopping 11 types: bug, grass, normal, rock, fairy, flying, posion, steel, dragon, ice, and psychic. However it’s weak to three of the most common types in the game: fire, ground, and fighting. So what we need is a strong fire, ground, or fighting type to chew through Registeel’s high defense.

Gamepress recommends Moltres with Fire Spin and either Overheat or Flamethrower as well as Entei with either Fire Spin or Fire Fang along with Overheat. Moltres has the highest attack stat for fire-types in the game at 251 along with two strong fire-type attacks. Plus it’s fire and flying-type which means it will resist Registeel’s steel and fighting-type moves. Entei is very similar to Moltres only it doesn’t have the flying-type and has slightly lower attack. However it has more bulk due to its much higher HP stat making it survive a lot longer. Both have very strong fire-type moves that will make quick work of Registeel.

We believe that Groudon is also one of the best counters to use against Registeel. Thanks to its massive attack stat of 270 and its two ground-type moves, Mud Shot and Earthquake, it will be able to decimate Registeel. The only downside to using Groudon over Moltres or Entei is that it takes neutral damage against all of Registeel’s moves instead of resisting them.

You can also get by with non-legendary Pokemon. Flareon has the second highest attack stat out of all fire-types and powerful moves in Fire Spin and Overheat/Flamethrower. Blaziken has only slightly lower attack than Flareon and access to dual fire or dual fighting-type moves which are both strong against Registeel. Charizard is also a strong choice but you should use it with its exclusive move Blast Burn from Community Day (though Overheat could make it work as well).

Ho-Oh is an okay choice thanks to its huge bulk but it’s not nearly as strong as Moltres and it’s only fire-type move, Fire Blast, is inferior to other fire-type Charge Moves.

Let’s not forget about fighting-types. Machamp has one of the highest attack stats out of all the fighting-type Pokemon in the game and has the fantastic moves Counter and Dynamic Punch. Hariyama doesn’t have as much attack but it has a massive HP stat of 288 making it a lot more bulky than the other fighting-types. Plus is can also learn the Counter/Dynamic Punch combo. Heracross is also a good choice as it has the same attack stat as Machamp. However while it can learn Counter it can only learn Close Combat as its Charge Move instead of the superior Dynamic Punch.

Check out JANKA_lml’s diagram for more info on the best counters to use against Registeel.

What Pokemon will you be using against Registeel? Let us know in the comment section below.

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