Pokemon Go Registeel: Max CP & Stats

pokemon go registeel max cp


The Legendary Pokemon Registeel is now available to fight in Raid Battles in Pokemon Go for a limited time, developer Niantic announced. Registeel will be in the game from now until August 16, giving you nearly an entire month to catch it.

Now I know what you’re wondering. What is the max CP and stats of Registeel and is the Pokemon worth powering up? Well look no further.

According to Gamepress, the maximum CP values of Registeel are as follows:

  • Max CP at Level 20: 1292
  • Max CP at Level 40: 2261

    In addition, Registeel has an attack stat of 143, a defense of 285, and a stamina of 160.

    As a Raid Boss, Registeel has a CP of 30596 and a capture rate of two percent, according to user JANKA_lml on The Silph Road subreddit. It has a minimum/maximum CP of 1222-1292 (1528/1615 if boosted by snowy weather).

    Is Registeel worth powering up? No. Gamepress rated the Legendary Pokemon a one out of five and we can see why. Registeel has the lowest attack stat and overall CP among Legendary Pokemon. While its defense is sizeable and its steel typing gives it a lot of resistances, it’s not nearly as bulky as prominent walls like Lugia, Blissey, and Hariyama. Some non-legendary Pokemon like Steelix and Aggron outclass it, and unlike Registeel they can defend Gyms and take advantage of their huge defense.

    Registeel’s Quick Moves are Metal Claw and Rock Smash. Its Charge Moves are Flash Cannon, Focus Blast, and Hyper Beam. Rock Smash actually outperforms Metal Claw even with Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB) and is strong against more Pokemon. It’s the same story for Focus Blast which also outperforms Flash Cannon. Both Charge Moves outperform Hyper Beam.

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