How to Get Solstice Engrams and Armor Glow in Destiny 2

Solstice Engrams

Solstice of Heroes is the latest event hitting Destiny 2 and it will be the last major in-game activity arriving before Forsaken drops in September. With this activity comes a host of new armor and cosmetic items that are some of the best in the entire game. While obtaining the armor pieces revolves around completing various quests, users will need to grind a bit more for Solstice Engrams.

These are the special Eververse engrams that are tied to the Heroes of Solstice event. Once decrypted players have a chance to obtain special Ghosts, Sparrows, emotes, and other cosmetic items. One of the coolest new cosmetic items is special ornaments that make your armor glow either orange, purple, or blue

Here’s how to get the Solstice Engrams and Armor Glow:

When you first load into Destiny 2 head towards The Tower to instantly receive your free Solstice Engram. This will be the only free engram you obtain, so be prepared to grind after this one. Just like previous Bright Engrams, players will need to rank up to receive one. Outside of purchasing engrams with real-world money directly from Tess, this is the only way to get Solstice Engrams.

Additionally, the actual armor glow for your Solstice of Heroes armor is unlocked through these special engrams. It doesn’t matter what armor set you have unlocked or what Light level you are. You can also directly purchase an elemental armor glow pack for 1,000 that will give you one of the random pieces. Buying the Glow Pack will not offer a full set. This appears to be on a daily rotation, so if you want arc or void just check back the following day.

It is possible that Bungie ends up directly selling Armor Glow via Tess, but for now, you will be at the mercy of RNGesus.

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