Get the Solstice of Heroes Armor (Light 400) in Destiny 2

Solstice of Heroes Armor

The newest seasonal event for Destiny 2 has officially released and it’s offering some seriously awesome loot. Outside of the basic cosmetic items such as the new sparrows and ghosts, users can obtain a powerful light level 400 armor set. These will be exclusive to the Solstice of Heroes event and marks the only time you can armor this high until the Forsaken expansion releases.

Here’s a breakdown of how to get the Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes armor set:

To start, visit the Tower and head towards the Solstice of Heroes statue between the Postmaster and Cryptarch. After you interact with the statue you’ll be sent to a second area and asked to complete a redux version of the first mission. Do this and you’ll obtain the “Scorched” armor set at Power 240.

Each armor piece will have a different challenge that you need to complete like completing the reworked versions of campaign levels. Remember, you will have to wear the armor set in order to complete these challenges. This is how you produce Elemental Orbs – which coincide for some of the quests you need to finish.

Solstice of Heroes armor

After finishing the Scorched set, make your way back to the Solstice of Heroes statue to obtain the 340 Rekindled set. These will come with a new set of objectives that have to be completed, so head back out and finish them. These will be a bit more complex such as killing foes with a specific type of grenade alongside completing missions and other activities. This is a pretty time-consuming set of challenges, so be prepared to work on them.

After their completion, you can return to the statue one last time and obtain the Resplendent 400 armor set. However, you aren’t done yet because each armor piece has one final challenge tied to it. Finishing these challenges will unlock the Masterwork bonus for the individual pieces. Here’s where the challenges get very difficult. In order to unlock the Masterwork variations, you’ll need to finish the Prestige raid, beat a Nightfall above the bonus threshold, reach a high Valor rank in the Crucible, and kill a specific number of bosses.

This is the best armor set currently in Destiny 2, so we highly recommend obtaining them before the Solstice of Heroes event ends. The Resplendent set is perfect for those having trouble with the Prestige raids or finishing difficult activities like The Whisper exotic quest. Given how rare these armor pieces will become, we don’t recommend breaking them down for materials. Additionally, if you enjoyed the look of the Rekindled or Scorched set they will be given as ornaments after obtaining the Resplendent armor.

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