Solstice of Heroes’ Start Time in Destiny 2 (Updated!)

Solstice of Heroes start time

Solstice of Heroes is the newest event making its way to Destiny 2 and it’s bringing some serious loot along with it. Set to begin tomorrow, players will be able to unlock a new set of armor, exotic ornaments, sparrows, a ship, and unique ghosts.


Bungie has announced via Twitter that there will be a brief period of downtime before the event launches. This appears to only be a 90-minute delay, but the servers could come back online much sooner.

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While the previous events have offered unique loot, this is the first time those items will give players a significant advantage. Being able to obtain Power Level 400 armor will certainly help a lot of people trying to finish The Whisper Quest or Prestige raid.

If you are looking to hop into Solstice of Heroes the event officially starts on July 31 at 10:00 AM PT/1:00 PM ET. The event itself will last until August 28, which is just before the new expansion – Forsaken – releases in early September. For the unfamiliar, this event revolves around celebrating your heroics and how much you’ve accomplished since Destiny 2’s initial release.

During this event, players will need to finish various challenges tied to an armor set given when you visit The Tower. After finishing all the challenges you’ll end up with a Masterwork version of the 400 Power set.

Additionally, the Solstice of Heroes will see the return of Moments of Triumph which comes with another list of objectives for players to finish. Completing these will earn you points to unlocking unique loot and real-life memorabilia. This has been a staple of the series and is a great way to show your veteran status to the world.

The Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes event starts tomorrow, July 31.

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