Splatoon 2 New Weapons & Ancho-V Games Coming Soon

splatoon 2 new weapons

Splatoon US via Tumblr

Splatoon 2 will be getting a returning stage and four new weapons on July 31 at 5 p.m. PT (8 p.m. ET), according to the official Splatoon Tumblr account.

Ancho-V Games was the last stage added to the original Splatoon and is coming to Splatoon 2. The stage is based off of a game development office and has platforms that raise when a fan is shot similar to the platforms found in the single player campaign. The Tumblr post said that there will be a few changes from the original map.

The first new weapon is the Bloblobber, a Slosher-type weapon based on a bathtub. According to an earlier post by the Splatoon Tumblr account, the weapon will fire four blob projectiles that flow forward and bounce off the ground and walls. The weapon also comes with the Splash Wall sub weapon and the Ink Storm special.

The Nautilus 47 is a new Splatling gun that lets you store your charge while swimming in ink, a mechanic similar to most Charger weapons. You’ll be able to spin the barrel, swim in ink, and then pop out and start firing when you emerge. The weapon also comes with the Point Sensor and the Baller.

The Light Tetra Dualies have the same attributes as the Dark Tetra Dualies, having four slow dodge rolls. However instead of having the Autobomb and the Splashdown, the Light Tetra Dualies have the Sprinklers and the Autobomb Launcher.

The Custom Hydra Splatling has the same stats as the Hydra Splatling, with a slow charge speed but high power and range. However instead of an Autobomb and Splashdown, the Custom Hydra Splatling comes with Ink Mines and Ink Armor.

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