7 Things We Learned in The Walking Dead: Our World Early Access

The Walking Dead Our World

The Walking Dead: Our World is a game developed and published by Next Games, who previously made The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land and Compass Point: West. Both are top-down strategy games where you build your own base and in the case of No Man’s Land, participate in turn-based combat.

However, Our World is completely unique from Next Games’ previous titles. Our World is a free-to-play AR mobile game where you fight zombies, clear infestations, and rescue survivors in your neighborhood. The AR element is not like Pokémon Go, where you can turn your camera on and see Pokémon in your living room. Either that or the developers simply haven’t added the mode yet.

As to whether or not Our World is a fun game – I will have to say that it is. The local servers can help you meet new friends, finds exciting new areas in your neighborhood, all while playing a relaxing zombie game. For more detailed information, check out the 7 Things We Learned in The Walking Dead: Our World Early Access.

1. This Is Not The Pokémon Go You Are Looking For

Unlike Jurassic World Alive, The Walking Dead: Our World is not a carbon copy of Pokémon Go. There are “Poké Stops” in the form of Supply Drops, and the game world is in AR, but the similarities stop there. There are no “gyms” or the like, instead, Our World is filled with three main activities: encounters, infestations, and rescuing survivors. Encounters are usually very easy, requiring simple taps to shoot down a certain amount of zombies.

The difficulty comes in the number of shots specific zombies can take. There is no dodge option, so there is a limit to how much planning can go into each encounter. Infestations are more of the same, where you must clear an area 3 or 4 times before it is secured. Rescuing survivors are exactly like encounters, but you gain a survivor, which helps you upgrade specific buildings.

As you can tell, Our World is starkly different from Pokémon Go, even more so with the reasons listed below. It is unique, even if Pokémon Go gave us the tools to understand and play AR games like this.

2. A Neighborhood of Zombies

the walking dead our world

Instead of gyms and Poké Stops being few and far between save for in densely populated areas, Our World acts in sections – not unlike neighborhoods. Each area has a grouping of activities, some less than others and not always very diverse. This system makes it easy to level up quickly without traveling very far from your home.

So many activities in one area often translate to running out of energy. You don’t run out of energy as fast as you do in Hogwarts Mystery; you will likely be able to clear an entire area of activities before you run out. As such, you won’t have to go far to play the game in its entirety.

3. Easy Gameplay

As I stated in the first item of this list, Our World gameplay is relatively easy. This isn’t Super Meat Boy or the Dark Souls of mobile games, Our World is meant to be relaxing and fun. You shoot zombies with a simple tap, making headshots especially easy. There will be times when you lose an encounter or infestation, but it won’t be often and the second time you will always be more prepared. Easy gameplay is the key to any AR game, especially when you need to get things done quickly. Any harder, and players would feel frustrated and like they were wasting resources on basic gameplay.

4. A Dense Map

In addition to activities being grouped together in Our World, they are also not far apart from each other. A mere block from your home will get you to another area filled with even more activities – either that, or my city is particularly generous. I will say that even in Pokémon Go, there are not nearly as many activities in such short distances as there are in Our World. There will always be something to do wherever you are. It seems that wherever you live, there will be a supply crate and at least one or two infestations to clear up.

5. Every 12 Hours

the walking dead our world

Our World’s “neighborhoods” of activities renew every half hour or so, depending on the activity. Infestations take about 8 hours and the whole map renews every 12 hours. So if you happen to live in the few empty gaps between them, you’ll at least have one or two activities to do every day. This is especially good because unlike Pokémon Go, the activities that pop up do not grow more and more useless as you level up.

6. How to Level Up

This may be a little confusing at first, as you do not gain experience points for every activity. Instead, each activity in Our World gives you cards. The cards are heroes, perks, and weapons, with varying degree of rarity. Each of these cards can be upgraded (made more powerful) by acquiring a certain number of the same card.

For example, early on, to upgrade the Osprey Pistol to level 2, you’ll need four Osprey Pistol cards. You will also need coins, which you should be earning for every activity you win. Upgrading gets expensive fast, but the game usually gives you plenty of coins so you don’t have to worry about being short very often. Every time you upgrade a card, you earn experience points. As such, the more you play (and the denser the neighborhood) the faster you will level up, especially if the activity is rated at a higher level.

7. Group Work

One of the first things Our World will ask you to do is to join a group. Much like clans in Clash of Clans, the groups consist of up to 25 members and everyone works together to complete a set of challenges, which reap great rewards for everyone regardless of how much you contributed. These challenges renew every week, so it is important that you join a very active group. After doing so, you will be a part of the group chat.

Since all groups are on a local server, you will be able to let everyone know about areas in your city that are particularly active. This is a great way to meet new friends if everyone in your group is willing. The chat is also a great way to announce what challenge you’re working on so that everyone can support you by contributing to the right areas or sections if need be.

The group chat is honestly one of my favorite aspects of Our World, in addition to the very dense map. There is always something to do and it feels great to chat with other players; both aspects make Our World more alive than a world populated by zombies has any right to be.

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