How to Beat Arch-Tempered Teostra in Monster Hunter World

how to beat arch-tempered teostra


Arch-Tempered Teostra is now live in Monster Hunter World. For those struggling with taking the Elder Dragon down, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to beat Arch-Tempered Teostra.

Where to Find Arch-Tempered Teostra

Arch-Tempered Teostra can be fought in an Event Quest known as “The Scorn of the Sun.” Just go to the quest board and head to the “Event” section. The quest is available from now until August 23 at 8 p.m. ET, according to the Monster Hunter World website.

You need to have a Hunter Rank of 50 to accept the quest. If you need to boost your HR, then you can complete the Event Quest “A Nose for an Eye” from now until August 16 or “Snow & Cherry Blossoms” from August 16 to August 23 as those quests boost your HR more than other quests.

How to Beat Arch-Tempered Teostra

Arch-Tempered Teostra is a more fearsome version of Tempered Teostra, which is a more fearsome version of Teostra. The only thing special about Arch-Tempered Teostra is that they hit even harder than Tempered Teostra and appears to attack a bit more frequently according to Arekkz Gaming. However it should have the same amount of HP as regular Teostra, just like its tempered counterpart. So you can use many of the same tactics you used when fighting regular Teostra.

Teostra can scatter the area with black powder and also cover itself with it. This powder can ignite when Teostra hits it with a fire attack. Standing in the black powder will induce Blastblight, which causes a damaging explosion on you after some time has passed or upon being hit with a heavy attack. Teostra can also induce burning with its flame attacks. Both Blastblight and burn can be cured by rolling repeatedly on the ground (three times for burn). Burn can also be cured by eating a Nulberry.

The most powerful attack at Teostra’s disposal is its Super Nova attack. Teostra unleashes the attack after glowing for a while. You know it’s coming when he flies into the air and starts charging an aura around it. The only way to get away unscathed is to either dodge at just the right moment or simply run away far enough.

The Fireproof Mantle Specialized Tool is absolutely essential for this fight. It reduces fire damage, nullifies burn and Blastblight, and prevents damage from hot environments for three minutes. It can be acquired by completing the Optional Quest “A Fiery Convergence.” The Temporal Mantle and Vitality Mantle are also very useful for surviving Teostra’s Super Nova attack. Any weapon with Elderseal can remove Teostra’s black powder around its body if you hit it enough times.

It also doesn’t hurt to have level three Fire Resistance armor skill. Not only will you get a ton of resistance to Teostra’s fire attacks but you’ll also get some general defense on top of that. Also be sure to add veggies to your pre-hunt meal for the elemental resistance boost.

While Teostra’s black powder and Super Nova are by far its most dangerous attacks, it also has plenty of other, quicker attacks. Fighting from the front makes you vulnerable to its claw swipes and flame breath while fighting from the back makes you susceptible to its wide reaching albeit very telegraphed tail swipe. Teostra also loves running around the arena and does damage when it runs into you.

Players with weapons that inflict stun such as hammers and hunting horns will want to focus their attacks at the head as Teostra is moderately susceptible to stun. Players with weapons that can hit vertically such as long swords and lances can hit its wings which are also a weak spot. Slicing weapons should focus their attacks on the tail which is also a weak spot and can even be severed.

Getting to Teostra’s weak spots involve going into the areas where Teostra is most dangerous. But learning when Teostra attacks and – more importantly – when you can attack is the key to hitting those weak spots and winning the fight. This is especially important as Arch-Tempered Teostra’s attacks are much more powerful and can take you out in just a few hits.

Teostra is very weak to weapons with water and ice elements. He’s also moderately weak to poison as well as stun.

You’ll be fighting in the Elder’s Recess, so be sure to bring Cool Drinks for fighting in the lava areas. Also take advantage of the falling boulders trap in the wide area surrounded by crystals which can be activated by hitting a cracked crystal on the ceiling with Slinger ammo.

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What Do You Get for Beating Arch-Tempered Teostra?

Beating Arch-Tempered Teostra rewards you with parts that can be used to craft the Gamma version of Teostra armor as well as the Layered Armor version of the Dante armor from the “Code Red” Event Quest.

The full armor set will grant you with the Master’s Touch set bonus which prevents your weapon from losing sharpness during critical hits. It also has maximum level Critical Eye giving you a whopping 30 percent critical hit rate, maximum Latent Power granting 50 percent critical hit rate and 50 percent reduced stamina depletion for 90 seconds after taking 180 damage or fighting a monster for five minutes according to Arekkz Gaming, as well as one level in Weakness Exploit which gives you another 15 percent to critical hit rate when hitting monster weak spots. So with Latent Power activated and when hitting monster weak spots, you get 95 percent critical hit rate. Plus you won’t be using up any sharpness during those critical hits so you’ll get the damage bonus from high sharpness for much, much longer.

In addition, the helmet has two level two decoration slots, the chest has one level two slot, the gloves have one level three slot, the belt has two level one slots, and the boots have a level three slot and a level one slot.

To get the Dante Layered Armor, you need to head to the Resource Center and deliver two Teostra Tickets, the material used to craft the Teostra Gamma armor, and two Red Orbs, the material won from the “Code Red” mission used to craft the Dante armor.

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