Community Day August Special Boxes: Are they Worth It?

community day august special boxes


Community Day August 2018 is today and tomorrow in Pokemon Go, and with that comes a new batch of Special Boxes.

Special Boxes are bundles of items sold in the in-game shop for Coins, which are exchanged for real money. The Special Boxes usually coincide with different events in Pokemon Go such as Community Day, and they have varied quite a bit in terms of value for your money.

Let’s break down the Pokemon Go Community Day August Special Boxes and see if they’re worth the purchase.

Special Box – 480 Coins

  • 3 Egg Incubators (Value of 450 Coins)
  • 3 Lucky Eggs (240 Coins)
  • 1 Lure Module (100 Coins)
  • 30 Ultra Balls (N/A)
  • Total Value of Items: 790 Coins
    Savings: 310 Coins

    Great Box – 780 Coins

  • 6 Star Pieces (Value of 300 Coins)
  • 5 Super Incubators (1,000 Coins)
  • 6 Incense (480 Coins)
  • 30 Ultra Balls (N/A)
  • Total Value of Each Item: 1,780 Coins
    Savings: 1,000 Coins

    Ultra Box – 1,480 Coins

  • 10 Super Incubators (Value of 2,000 Coins)
  • 12 Lucky Eggs (960 Coins)
  • 10 Premium Raid Passes (1,000 Coins)
  • 12 Star Pieces (600 Coins)
  • Total Value: 4,560 Coins
    Savings: 3,080 Coins

    Note: Star Pieces are currently not for sale in the in-game shop. However since they were previously offered for 400 Coins for eight star pieces, we used that figure in our calculations above.

    If you’ve been saving your Coins for a rainy day, then this is the time to spend them. The Special Box and Great Box offer one extra Incubator over the last batch of Special Boxes for the Trading Event. What’s really great about them is that they’re the only way to purchase more Ultra Balls, which can only be acquired for trainers at level 20 and are only occasionally found by spinning PokeStops. As for the Ultra Box, it doesn’t offer Ultra Balls but it does offer more Lucky Eggs and Premium Raid Passes than the last Ultra Box and also offers Star Pieces instead of Lure Modules.

    The only downside is that the Special Box offers one Lure Module instead of four Star Pieces like the last Special Box and the Great Box offers six Incense instead of six Lucky Eggs like the last Great Box.

    Community Day is Saturday and Sunday from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. both days. Eevee is more common during that period and also know the exclusive move Last Resort. You also have a higher chance of catching a Shiny variant. In addition, the event grants triple Stardust for catching Pokemon and three hour Lure Modules.

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