Dark Souls: Remastered & Solaire Amiibo Coming to Switch in October

Dark Souls: Remastered Switch Release Date

Bandai Namco

Dark Souls: Remastered and the Solaire amiibo release date has finally been revealed.

The original remaster released came out in May for PS4 and Xbox One but the Switch version was delayed until the port was ready for the Switch. The PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game run in 60 FPS while the Switch version will be limited to 30 FPS.

One way to make up for that is to offer the very cool looking Solaire amiibo. This amiibo will launch alongside the game but it’s not yet known what function the amiibo will have in game or in other games.

Dark Souls: Remastered for the Switch is coming October 19. Solaire is coming on the same day and we’ll likely see some sort of bundle with the two. Many amiibo have functions in other games so we might see Solaire have some use elsewhere. Solaire in Smash, anyone?

A network test will be scheduled to see how stable the connections will be on the Switch some time before launch.

The remaster allowed players to see vast improvements across all platforms. Remember how rough Blight Town was on the Xbox 360?

  • Xbox One – 60 fps, 1080p
  • Xbox One X  – 60 fps, Upscaled 4K
  • PlayStation 4 – 60 fps, 1080p
  • PlayStation 4 Pro – 60 fps, Upscaled 4K
  • PC – Native 60 fps, 4K
  • Nintendo Switch –  TV: 30 fps, 1080p; Handheld: 30 fps, 720p

The remaster was met with a positive reaction on the other consoles so we’re hoping the Switch port will be just as well received. We’ll find out for sure on October 19.

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