Dead by Daylight Trailer Brings More Slit-Mouthed Girl Theories

Dead by Daylight New Killer

A new Dead by Daylight killer teaser dropped today that shed the light on who the new killer might end up being.

The 42 second teaser begins by showing a mask with what might be some sort of ritual being performed.

A man is holding a blade and appears to slash a young girl up while we hear her screams in the background as the screen fades to black. The man is speaking Japanese throughout the video but luckily we have some idea as to what he’s saying.

There is no point, dear daughter. We are born to die. The more we wait, the more pain we carry.

The above translation comes from Twitter, while it isn’t the best source of translations, the words do make sense.

Now the question comes down to is the killer the man or the girl from the video? Outside of the stun noises, we haven’t really heard the killers make too much noise so it wouldn’t make sense to have full speaking lines.

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There are a lot of theories about the girl being “Slit-Mouthed Girl” which we might have seen happen with the katana in the video.

The film is based on a Japanese legend in which a samurai’s wife was caught cheating on him, and he slit her mouth open. The same woman roams foggy streets, with a surgical mask on, and asks people she encounters, “Am I beautiful?”. If they say, “Yes” she removes her mask and says, “Even like this?”, and then slits their mouth. If they say “No” she cuts them in half. If they say “Average”, she will allow them to escape.

We’ll surely hear more about the killer officially through a developer stream and the killer should hit the PTB before its official release.

A previous hint has been given out by Community Manager Not_Queen through the official Dead by Daylight forums. You can read more about that message here.

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