Dead by Daylight Connection Issues Persist

Dead by Daylight PS4 Update

Dead by Daylight is one of this month’s free PS4 Plus and it has been a real hassle for players so far.

The game has always had a strong community but that number skyrocketed with it going free and that has created some issues.

Dead by Daylight has been experiencing issues on all of the platforms but it has especially plagued the PS4 version. More players than ever are playing the game now so it’s not ideal for it to have so many issues.

The official Twitter page tweets that the issues have been persisting since Sunday but it feels like the problems go back further than that. There has recently been a problem with queues that has largely been cleaned up but now the connection issue is there.

A Reddit thread has been spun up about it with players complaining about the issue.

“I’m a PS+ newcomer and I enjoyed thoroughly the few games that I got to play. However, the connection issues make this game completely unplayable. Probably going to uninstall the game if there’s no improvement tomorrow. :/” wrote one user.

No word has been given as to when these issues will be fixed but it’s certainly something you don’t want to see. Many players’ first impressions with this game are a connection error or an endless loading screen.

When the game does work it’s a blast and we hope the issue is resolved soon.

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