Dead by Daylight Makes Balance Tweaks To The Spirit

Dead by Daylight Spirit Changes

Dead by Daylight’s new killer The Spirit recently hit the PTB to give players a chance at trying her out before she officially drops in the game.

The PTB is available on PC only and it is prone to changes like the one we saw today. Many of the players won’t get a chance to try out the new killer so they have to rely on what streamers and patch notes say about the killer.

It’s hard to decide where the Spirit will fall into the current killer tier list but we figure she’ll at the very least settle into the mid-tier. Her Spirit Walk ability has the chance to create strong mind games. You can read more about her perks and the survivor Adam Francis’ perks right here.

Since it is only the PTB it’s still too early to tell how she’ll work exactly but we’re excited to see where she’ll find her place in the game.

Here’s the list of changes made to the Spirit today. Keep in mind that today’s changes are not final and they are still subject to change.

-Terror Radius will be 24M (instead of 32M).
-While her power is activated, the sound that she hears has been toned down, this will give her better chances to locate Survivor.
-Lunge distance has been fixed, will be like other Killers (Huntress and Hag was fixed too)
-Spirit Passive VFX has been fixed, it was currently lasting too long so she was never fully invisible at any point.
-Blood trail should not be shown while she charges her power, and blood spilled before activation will not be shown either. (This was a bug, we never intended her to see blood at all while using her power)
-VFX while vaulting has been fixed, it should have been happening only once she’s on the other side of the window.
-Survivor will not hear the Spirit Sound while they are in her Terror Radius.

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