New Double Barrel Shotgun Coming to Fortnite

Fortnite double barrel shotgun

It seems like every week a new weapon, mode, or game altering item is being introduced to Fortnite. The newest gun to make its way to this wildly popular battle royale game is a double barrel shotgun. Revealed when you open up the Battle Royale component of the game, this shotgun is set to debut sometime soon. Currently, there is no hard release date for this weapon but we suspect it will drop either this Thursday or sometime next week.

The shotgun itself will come in the Legendary and Epic rarities, so don’t expect to see it a lot. This gun is capable of firing two rounds in quick succession before reloading, which suggests it might have a higher damage output than other shotguns. Given the sheer dominance of the SMGs and Drum Gun, this weapon will need to be seriously powerful to shake things up. How long it takes to reload will also be a big factor, since even a second or two spent putting new shells in could cause you to die.

Additionally, we also know that the special Fly Explosives mode will be going away tomorrow. If you need explosive kills for any of your challenges make sure to get them done before this game type vanishes. Fortnite’s v5.20 Patch drops tomorrow, so there is a good chance this weapon will be introduced. Hopefully, this patch also fixes the ATK and shopping cart bugs.

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