Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends 2018 Heroes Revealed

fire emblem heroes choose your legends


The Feh Channel broadcast has revealed the Choose Your Legends 2018 heroes in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Players voted on which Fire Emblem characters they wanted to see become brand new heroes in the game. Both existing heroes and new heroes were considered. A similar poll was done in January 2017 before the game was released, granting players new versions of Lucina, Lyn, Roy, and Ike in August of that year.

You can see a full breakdown of the new heroes and their skills in the video below:

Veronica is a cavalry unit with a staff that prevents the foe from counterattacking and also reduces all of the foe’s stats and their allies within two spaces. It also increases the status of Veronica and all her allies within two spaces. Her healing skill is Recover+ which restores HP of allies by 50 percent of her attack stat (minimum of 15 HP). Her Special Skill, Windfire Balm, grants attack and speed +6 to all allies for one turn. She also has Wrathful Staff which removes the damage penalty from staffs making them function like any other weapon. She also gets Close Guard which grants allies within two spaces with swords, lances, axes, or dragonstones extra defense and resistance during combat.

Celica, the most voted female character, is an infantry unit with a sword that grants extra speed and grants Special Skill cooldown charge +1 per attack if within two spaces of an ally. Speaking of Special Skills, her’s is Galeforce which grants another action after combat when activated. She also has Death Blow 4 which adds eight to attack if initiating combat. The Death Blow skill usually only goes up to level three. She also has Double Lion which lets her attack twice if she’s at 100 percent HP at the start of combat but deals one point of damage after combat. Plus she gets Atk Tactic 3 which grants allies six extra attack within two spaces but only if those allies have less than two movement spaces (so no cavalry units).

Ephraim is an armored unit with an axe that makes him do a guaranteed follow-up attack if he has a buff. His Special Skill is Draconic Aura which boosts attack by 30 percent when activated. He also has the skill of Special Fighter 3 which grants Special cooldown +1 to him and inflicts Special cooldown -1 to foes per attack if he has over 50 percent HP. Plus he gets Close Def 3 which grants six extra defense and resistance if foes attack with a melee weapon including dragonstones. He also gets Armor March 3 which makes him and an armored unit ally move one extra space at the start of the turn if they’re next to each other, which also activates the effect of his axe.

Hector, the most voted male character, is another armored unit with a lance that accelerates his Special trigger. And if Hector has over 50 percent HP and combat is initiated by a foe, he makes a guaranteed follow-up attack. His Special Skill is Ignis which boosts damage dealt by 80 percent of his defense. He also has Ostian Counter which makes him counterattack regardless of foe’s range and grants extra attack and defense if foe initiates combat. He also gets Bold Fighter 3 which grants Special cooldown charge +1 per attack and makes him make a guaranteed follow-up attack if he initiates combat. Finally he gets Even Res Wave 3 which boosts resistance by six to himself and adjacent allies for one turn on even-numbered turns.

You can start summoning the four heroes at 12 a.m. PT on August 21. Players can summon one of the four heroes for free, according to the Feh Channel broadcast. A new Paralogue Story involving the new heroes will also be released along with the heroes.

Round 2 of the Forging Bonds event will include all four new heroes, according to the Feh Channel broadcast.

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