Fortnite Summer Skirmish PAX West 2018 Begins Today, Here Are The Rules

Fortnite Summer Skirmish Pax West 2018 Rules

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The last week of Fortnite’s Summer Skirmish kicks off today and it sounds like this will be the best week of the whole tournament.

This week’s tournament will be live from PAX West and will be held over the course of several days. Today kicks off the tournament but it will go into Monday as a winner works to be crowned.

Popular Fortnite and Twitch streamers Dr. Lupo and CouRage will be casting the event so it’ll be star studded in the broadcasting booth as well.

Here’s the format that will be used for the final week of the Summer Skirmish:

The final Summer Skirmish competition will be a 3-Stage Solo event held Friday to Monday. At each Stage, players will earn points based on the following scoring system:







*These points can only be earned once per match. For example, 10 eliminations would only earn you +3 points and any additional eliminations will not add points to your score.

We’re kicking things off with three Stage one heats every day, running Friday to Sunday. These will be open to the first players to register on site each day. Each heat will play a mini-series of two matches to determine placements. The top 32 players at the end of each Heat will move on the the Stage Two Nightly Qualifier for that same date.

Each evening, the Stage Two: Nightly Qualifiers will begin for all the players who advanced from that day’s Heats. The top 33 players at the end of the Nightly Qualifier will advance to Monday’s Stage Three Grand Finals.

During the Grand Finals, all players who qualified during each evening’s Nightly Qualifiers will come together in a series of matches. By the end of the six match brawl, the ultimate victor of the PAX Summer Skirmish will be Royale-ly crowned!

Players are able to walk in and register for the event. Registration each day is said to be first-come-first-serve beginning at 8 a.m. PDT. Here’s what you need to know about the daily registration.

Registration each day is a first-come-first-serve basis beginning at 8:00AM PDT at PAX Lot 73 on 8th and Pine. Interested players must complete the following challenges in order to register:

  • Have a valid ID and PAX Badge for the day. (You may not sign up squad mates)

  • Be 16 or older at the time of the event.

  • Agree to the Summer Skirmish Event Rules and Code of Conduct..

  • Pick an available heat that you can attend for that day.

  • Use the on-site peripherals (mice/keyboard/controllers) provided.

It’s also important to note that registration must be done separately each day if you would like multiple chances to make the Nightly Qualifiers.

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