5 Go Fish! Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Go Fish! Kwalee


Fishing is one of the more calmer outdoor activities anyone can enjoy.

But when it transitions over to mobile, it becomes even more of an engaging activity. Simply tapping your screen gives you the chance to acquire rare species of fish and fill up your personal collection. Kwalee’s Go Fish! is all about becoming the finest fisherman on the mobile seas. With our essential tips guide set up as your sole boat companion, you’ll have no problem catching all the sea life Go Fish!’s ocean has to offer.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Go Fish!:

Download the Go Fish! APK here.

1. Drop Your Line and Go Fish!

Go Fish! Kwalee


Go Fish!’s mechanics are pretty simple – all you have to do is tap the screen and drop your line into the depths of the sea beneath you. You can remain passive and allow your stationary hook claim any fish that’s unlucky enough to fall into its path. But you’re more likely to acquire new species of fish you haven’t caught yet by swiping your fishing line across the screen. So during every turn, make sure you move your hook back and forth so you can catch the fish you truly desire.

2. Try to Claim Special Fish During Every Turn

• From time to time, you’ll spot special versions of fish joyfully swimming across the screen. These rainbow-colored fish are super valuable – you’ll get extra cash for claiming them. So always make sure you have room within your net for multiple species of special fish. If you happen to hook three or more special fish, you’ll gain an even larger cash reward. It’s okay to pick up some normal renditions of fish during a ingle turn, but always set aside some space on your hook for a rainbow fish or two.

3. Stick to This Upgrade Priority Order

• You’ll improve your lil’ old fisherman over time by putting your cash towards three separate upgrades – Net Size, Depth, and Offline Earnings. You should stick to prioritizing what upgrades you should spend money on in that exact order. So after you’ve just completed a fishing run, put some money towards that first upgrade path.

• Then after your next deep sea fishing line dive, spend some cash on that second upgrade. And so on and so on. If you happen to gain enough money to break the bank, you should go ahead and spend it to improve two (or even all three!) of Go Fish!’s upgrades. Those Offline Earnings really help you out during the later stages of your mobile fishing career.

4. Always Watch Those Video Advertisements

• Playing Go Fish! in an online setting should definitely be on your list of priorities for the game. That way, you’ll always get a chance to watch a quick video advertisement so you can instantly double your earnings. Even if you fail to fill up your net during a single fishing run, you’ll still be able to earn a few extra dollars that can probably be spent on a single upgrade boost. Mentally prepare yourself to watch a whole lot of videos about other mobile games and apps – you’ll be less annoyed with them over time as you watch your pockets get fuller.

5. Take a Trip to Your Trophy Room Every Now and Then

• In the top left corner of the screen is where your personal Trophy Room resides. This tap showcases all of the fish you’ve managed to catch during your time spent with the game. Pay a visit to this in-game room from time to time to see how your collection is filling out.

• You can see if you have or haven’t claimed a special version of a species of fish yet within your Trophy Room. You can also scroll all the way to the bottom of your Trophy Room to get a look at some of the larger sea life you’ll eventually run into. There’s a few shark and lobster types worth trapping within your upgraded net…

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