Is Dead Space 3 on Xbox One Co-op?

Is Dead Space 3 Co-op


August’s Games with Gold completes the Dead Space collection for many Xbox One owners by offering Dead Space 3 as a free game provided you are subscribed to Xbox Live Gold.

If you’re looking for a good co-op game and hoping Dead Space 3 will scratch that itch then you’re in luck. The entire campaign can be played completely in co-op, representing a departure for the series that was actually controversial to some of the purists.

It seems like co-op games are a dying breed so it’s nice to see some semi-recent games still allow for a co-op option in an increasingly non-co-op world. However, if you’re looking for something more spooky then this might not necessarily be the game for you.

If you’re looking to get a start on the series with Dead Space 1 and 2 then you’ll have to go solo with those games. Dead Space 3 also got more away from the survival horror feel of the past games and became more of an action shooter with the third installment.

Dead Space 3 might end up being the last Dead Space game in the franchise meaning it left on a sour note for many fans. EA shut down Visceral Games, the Dead Space developer, in 2017 which ended up leaving the future of the series up in the air.

Dead Space 3 failed to meet sales expectations, with EA’s Frank Gibeau saying that the game needed to sell five million copies in order for the franchise to survive. The game implemented micro-transactions which were not very well received.

Here’s the rest of August’s Games with Gold lineup:

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