Kirby Cafe Returns This September in Tokyo

kirby cafe

Nintendo via Twitter

Kirby Cafe returns this September in Tokyo after closing two years ago, giving fans another chance to inhale some Kirby-inspired food.

The original Kirby Cafe was a pop-up restaurant with locations around Japan. The Kirby Cafe captivated Kirby fans thanks to its colorful dishes which included pancakes shaped like Kirby, beef curry resembling Waddle Dee, Maximum Tomato soup, and many more. The restaurant also offered merchandise including mugs, iPhone cases, and a soundtrack of cafe-inspired remixes of popular songs from Kirby games. The Kirby Cafe was open from August 5, 2016 to October 30, 2016, according to the restaurant’s official Twitter account.

When the restaurants closed, the official Twitter account tweeted a message thanking people for coming to the restaurant and saying that they hope to see them again. The tweet also contained a a stop motion animated GIF that ended with alphabet blocks forming the word “fin” before adding a question mark at the end. Looks like they weren’t joking.

On Wednesday the Twitter account tweeted for the first time since December 31, 2016. The tweet contains a link to the Kirby Cafe website, which displays the message “coming soon” along with a September 2018 date and a location of Tokyo.

From the website, it looks like longtime Kirby character Chef Kawasaki will join the restaurant’s promotional artwork along with Kirby and friends after being noticeably absent from the original Kirby Cafe artwork despite his culinary occupation.

No word yet on new food dishes or merchandise.

The fondness for the restaurant extended to the Kirby games themselves. Unlockable headgear for King Dedede and Waddle Dee in Kirby Battle Royale was based off the headgear they donned in the cafe’s promotional artwork, according to the Kirby wiki.

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