Longshot Madden 19: Joey King Plays Colt Cruise’s Sister

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Fans of the Madden 19 Longshot mode have been wondering who the “new girl” is in this year’s game. Actress Joey King plays Colt Cruise’s sister, Loretta Cruise. King let her fans know how excited she was to be included in the project.

“GUYS I DID A COOL THING!!!! I got to be in the “Madden NFL 19: Longshot Homecoming” video game and it’s OUT NOW!!! Swipe to see the poster!! I got to do motion capture work which was honestly so crazy and cool, I had the most incredible time. I hope you guys enjoy playing ?,” King posted on Instagram.

Fans may recognize King from the hit Netflix movie The Kissing Booth. It has been a busy 2018 for King who throughout the year also worked on The Boxcar Children: Surprise Island, Slender Man, Zeroville, Camp, Between Earth and Sky and January Sky, per IMDB.

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Women Have Starring Roles in the Latest Editions of Madden

King plays a leading role in Madden 19 as Cruise is reunited with his estranged family. King plays Cruise’s spunky high school sister, and it marks the second straight year that Madden has featured a woman in a leading role. Madden director Mike Young admitted there was a conscious effort by EA Sports to be inclusive when the Longshot mode first launched in 2017.

“There are more than 45 actors in [Longshot] of all races, shapes, genders…. padded, unpadded,” Young told US Gamer in 2017. “And that was the stuff that was always so difficult. I used to be an art director in Madden, and any time we wanted to do something like the NFL Combine, we were usually blocked by how hard it is to create convincing-looking players without pads. That’s why I think we were held back from doing something of this quality.”

While the interview may have been referring to the first season of Longshot, it is clear that this was still a focus in the 2018 game. As for King, she is an actress who is gaining increased notoriety, and she spoke with Schon about how she deals with the pressures of social media.

“Social media can be looked at as a gift to people who have a plentiful amount of followers,” King explained to Schon. “Using your voice as much as your comfortable with is something I think is so important. With me, I want to give my followers a fun and light-hearted time on my pages but with the amount of influence I seem to have, I think it’s crucial that I also try and give my followers a point of view on certain topics and issues that they may not have otherwise had, or for the followers that maybe share the same beliefs as me, it shows them that they can hopefully rely on someone they respect to set an example they would like to set as well.”

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