Who Is on Madden NFL 19’s Standard & Hall of Fame Edition?

Madden NFL 19 Cover Athlete

EA Sports

The calendar has now rolled into August which means it’s now officially Madden season.

This year’s version, like every one before it has promised sweeping changes to the game’s mechanics that will help the game feel different from the one before.

While players debate and argue about whether or not the game remains the same from year to year one thing that does change is the cover athlete.

This year’s standard edition will feature Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown. Brown came into the league as a 6th round pick out of Central Michigan but has now carved himself into the top echelon of wide receivers in the NFL.

There is also a Hall of Fame edition players can opt for which comes with some additional features. Hall of Fame wide receiver Terrell Owens is featured on the cover of the Hall of Fame of game. Owens was recently inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame so he is a perfect choice for the cover.

Both cover athletes are wide receivers so that could be why Owens is on the cover with Brown.

Purchasing the Hall of Fame edition will get players the following benefits as well as 3 days early access:

  • Your Choice of 1 of 5 Elite Hall of Fame Legends
  • Your Choice of 1 Elite Player from your favorite NFL Team
  • 12 Gold Team Fantasy Packs
  • 1 Training Pack
  • 1 Madden NFL 19 Cover Athlete Elite Player
  • 2 Custom Uniforms in Madden Ultimate Team

Madden NFL 19 releases August 10 for PS4, Xbox One and PS4. Hall of Fame Edition owners receive three day early access beginning August 7. EA Access subscribers receive a trial for the game beginning August 2.

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