Monster Hunter World: Head to the New Campsite Guide

Monster Hunter World New Campsite

As you begin your journey in the hazardous and unforgiving world of Monster Hunter World you’ll be asked to head to a new campsite. Despite a surprise monster at the end, this is a fairly easy quest to complete. The only issue is, the opening level in Monster Hunter World is a tangled web of hidden paths and caves.

When you enter the Ancient Forest, bring up your main map and zoom in on the top right side. You’ll notice that this map is broken up into numbered quadrants and the one you want to go to is at number 11. While there is no waypoint established at the beginning of the level, Monster Hunter World lets you place your own.

Zoom in on where quadrant 5 meets quadrant 11 and place a marker on the top path connecting the two on the side of 11. If you’re having trouble finding quadrant 5 it’s located just above quadrant 4 via the northern path.  Set your custom waypoint down and then exit the map so your fireflies can produce a path in-game. Follow the glowing bugs until you spot your team leader just chilling and approach him. Now, you cannot speak to him so you’ll have to find the spot to place the campsite down.

Behind him you’ll spot some vines that are climbable. Once you reach the top you’ll be introduced to the bird monster, Kulu-Ya-Ku via a cutscene. After this, the Bird-Brained Bandit mission will kick in, but this involves tracking so you won’t need to worry about the campsite anymore.

Killing this monster is fairly simple, you just have to be careful of the boulder it will pick up from time to time. Just hit the Kulu with some projectiles to make him drop it and open up a window for successful attacks. After the bird is slain the mission will complete and you can use the campsite anytime you want.

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