Monster Hunter World: How to Hide Your Helmet

Monster Hunter World Hide Helmet



onster Hunter World is out now on PC and it was been quite the wait.

First released in January, Monster Hunter World has since become the best-selling game in the series showing that a western audience was ready for Monster Hunter.

Monster Hunter World features a surprisingly deep character customization screen which allows players to change practically everything about their character, even individual eye color.

After spending time in the lengthy character customization it can be disappointing to have your character’s hair, beard, eyes, etc. covered up by that pesky helmet.

Luckily all you have to do is head to the settings page and there is an option to hide your helmet there. You can hide it completely or you can choose to only hide it during cutscenes.

Hiding your helmet will have no impact on your character’s overall armor so you can go for full fashion and hide the helmet if you so choose.

If you’re just getting started out on PC you might run into some issues where your controller doesn’t work. While this fix might not work for everyone, it did work for us so you can take a look at that right here.

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