NBA Live 19 Demo: Release Date, Contents & More

NBA Live 19 Demo

EA Sports

The latest game in the NBA Live franchise, NBA Live 19, is giving players a chance to try the game out before they buy it.

The demo will be available August 24 and 12 a.m. EST giving players a new basketball game to play this weekend.

This demo releases a whole week before NBA 2K19’s Prelude which means players will get to try out this game before 2K. This could end up being a way for NBA Live to win some fans from the NBA 2K series by offering this.

There aren’t many details as to what will be in the demo but players will at the very least get a sense for how the game feels. We’ll be able to find out more details about the demo once it finally drops.

Since we don’t exactly know what will be included in the demo of this game we aren’t sure if there will be progress to be made. In NBA 2K19’s Prelude the progress made there does carry over to the full game. We imagine the created character will carry over to the full game but it remains to be seen.

Once we hear more about what will be included in the demo we will update this post accordingly. Unfortunately NBA Live is not going the FIFA route and will not have a Nintendo Switch version. There’s always next year.

There are a lot of new features in this year’s NBA Live including the ability to create a female playable character. We will have a chance to create a female character in the upcoming demo according to Xbox Wire.

NBA Live 19 releases September 7 on Xbox One and PS4. Players can opt to purchase The One Edition which will give players access to exclusive Joel Embiid items. You can read more about that edition here.

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