Nintendo Kills Luigi and the Internet Loses Its Damn Mind

Luigi Killed Reaction

Nintendo hosted a new Direct today that revolved around the highly anticipated Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. While there were a ton of amazing reveals, perhaps the most exciting was the announcement of Castlevania’s Simon Belmont as a new fighter. Yet, his big debut was overshadowed by one thing – Nintendo outright murdered Luigi in the trailer.

The video shows Luigi investigating Dracula’s Castle – which really seems above his paygrade – only to be cut down by a monster. That’s right, Nintendo had Death outright kill Luigi and try to steal his soul. If you’re keen on murdering characters Nintendo may I suggest Wario?

Sure it looked like he was going to be fine – maybe – after Simon saved him, but the mental damage has been done. Of course, the internet reacted as any reasonable person would and lost their damn minds at this injustice. Here are some of the best reactions:

Poor Luigi, he didn’t deserve this. We understand killing Mario, but why would you hurt everyone’s favorite ghost hunter? It doesn’t help that King Dedede was attacked by King K. Rool at the end of the Direct. Currently, we can only assume that the new, unannounced mode revolves around investigating this horrendous crime.

For those who missed it, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will feature 103 stages and 900 individual music tracks. This title will also introduce a stage swapping mechanic that allows players to change between two different maps while a match is going on. Additionally, there are a number of new assist trophies such as Alucard and Monster Hunter’s Rathalos.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct 8.8.2018Check out this Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct featuring exciting new game info delivered by director Masahiro Sakurai. Got a favorite from the Direct? Click to it! 0:06 – Castlevania's Simon Belmont introduction cinematic 2:00 – Castlevania's Richter Belmont introduction cinematic 2:56 – Masahiro Sakurai introduction 3:12 – Simon Belmont character info 4:14 – Dracula's…2018-08-08T14:28:18.000Z

King K. Rool has also been confirmed as a new combatant, alongside the Echo Fighters’ Dark Samus and Chrom. For a full breakdown of everything that appeared during the direct make sure to check out our recap.

Now if you excuse us, we need to arrange a funeral for the goodest boy in Smash Bros.

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