Okami HD Out On Switch Today, Has Motion & Touch Controls

Okami HD Nintendo Switch


Okami, the game that will never die, has released today on the Switch as Okami HD. This release has brought the HD remaster to all of the current gen consoles.

The Switch release is different from the other ones since it has some additional features. If you remember when Okami released on the Wii it had motion controls and was often considered one of the best parts of the game.

Motion controls have since died off in popularity a little bit but Nintendo has never entirely dropped them.

Certain games, such as Okami, really work well with motion controls. While the game is entirely playable without motion controls, it really shines when you are able control all of the drawing.

Since Okami is over a decade old it’s cool to see the game offer the ability to play in the original 4:3 aspect ration or in 16:9 widescreen. Of course the Switch also has the added benefit of being completely portable.

Here are the exclusive Switch features:

  • Touchscreen Painting – Create brushstrokes directly on the touchscreen in Handheld mode
  • Motion-Control Painting – Paint with the Joy-Con™ controller’s motion controls in TV or Tabletop mode by moving it in the desired pattern, just like a paintbrush

Okami HD on the Nintendo Switch is out now.