Overwatch Summer Games 2018 Announced

overwatch summer games 2018


Overwatch’s Summer Games event will return from August 9 to August 30, 2018.

Blizzard made the announcement via their Twitter account. They also confirmed that Lucioball will return. It is not confirmed just yet if the ranked version of Lucioball will also return.

Update: Blizzard announced an online 3V3 Collegiate Lucioball tournament for PC players on August 11 and 12. The competition is known as the Tespa Arcade: Summer Lucioball Tournament.

According to Tespa’s website, you can invite two friends from your school to join you as a team. Winners can earn over $900 in Blizzard Battle.net balance prizing. Contenders will play in five rounds of swiss matches. Teams with a record of 3-2 or higher will continue to a double elimination bracket to determine the winners.

Check the tweet below for more info:

It’s expected that the Summer Games skins will return to the Loot Boxes as well. No new skins have been announced for the event just yet.

Update: New legendary skins for Reinhardt and D.va were announced. Reinhardt’s skin makes him look like a football player which is fitting considering his charge attack. Meanwhile D.va’s skin turns her into a jet ski racer. Check them out below.

Update (August 6): New legendary skins for Winston and Ana were announced. The skins give Winston the appearance of a baseball catcher and puts Ana in a stylish summer outfit.

Update (August 7): A new legendary skin for Roadhog was announced, giving him the appearance of a lacrosse player.

The Summer Games event was previously held in August 2016 and August 2017. The first event introduced Lucio Ball, where players try to hit a ball to the opponent’s goal while playing as Lucio. The second event introduced the ranked version of Lucio Ball. Both events introduced new skins based on sports players and summertime attire.

We will update when more information about Summer Games 2018 is announced.

This update is hot off the heels of the release of new tank hero Wrecking Ball on July 24. The update also made Sombra’s invisibility ability infinite and weakened Hanzo’s Storm Arrow ability among many other changes.

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