Search Between Three Oversized Seats: How to Solve Fortnite Week 8 Challenge

Fortnite Oversized seats

Another week of challenges for Fortnite is upon us and these ones are probably some of the easiest in the season. This week, players are tasked with hunting down a Battle Star located between three oversized chairs. While this sounds obtuse, the location is pretty easy to determine since these massive pieces of furniture are all in the southern portion of the map.

The first massive chair is the giant toilet in Flush Factory that typically has a chest on it.  North of this is a small unnamed town with a giant chair made out of wood and a small gas station. Finally, to the east is a large chair in the makeshift nightclub that’s housed inside of a warehouse.

Fortnite Week 8 Battle Star

Using these three areas we can deduce that the location for this Battle Star is located in quadrant D4. When you drop, head towards the mountain that’s north of Flush Factory and land at the very top to the right of the large rock with the chest near it. You will find the Battle Star in a patch of dirt and be able to grab it.

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