Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Simon Belmont & King K. Rool Reveal Trailers

Nowadays, character reveal leaks for fighting games are as legit as they come.

Days earlier, Super Smash Bros. fans got an announcement of a new Nintendo Direct primarily focused on Ultimate. Today (August 8), the game’s informative live stream gave us the character announcement we’ve all been waiting for – Simon Belmont is coming to Smash! The vampire hunter could be seen sporting his classic look/attire while he fended off demons and rival Smash characters. Simon’s moveset incorporates the usage of his trusty sub-items, such as a bottle of holy water, an axe, and the cross boomerang. His Final Smash, “Grand Cross,” is a flashy super befitting of such an iconic character.

Simon Belmont Smash


His main weapon comes in the form of his signature chained whip, which retains its properties from the classic NES Castlevania entries. His other special moves are a downward air kick, an uppercut, and a slick slide maneuver. Along with the addition of Simon is his fitting Echo Fighter, Richter Belmont, and the newest stage (Dracula’s Castle). The last bit of Castlevania news in Smash is the addition of Alucard as an Assist Trophy.

Simon Belmont wasn’t the only Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character announcement, however. Donkey and Diddy Kong’s mortal enemy is also joining the fray – King K. Rool! The big lizard sports his regal attire and is also capable of donning his pirate captain costume. K. Rool’s special moves incorporates his ability to fire cannonballs, bury foes, and fling his royal crown. King K. Rool looks to be a powerhouse on par with King DeDeDe. Chances are high that even more character reveals for Ultimate are on the way.

Be sure to check out the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character trailers above as well as the entire Nintendo Direct.

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