How to Get the Ace of Spades in Destiny 2 Forsaken

Destiny 2 Ace of Spades Quest

There are a lot of different pieces of armor and weapons introduced with Destiny 2’s newest expansion Forsaken, but the most iconic is the Ace of Spades. This hand cannon was first introduced in the original Destiny and was brought over with this DLC. Used by Cayde-6, the Ace of Spades was taken from him by Uldren Sov upon his death.

Thankfully, you can claim this gun all for yourself and carry the memory of Cayde-6 with you. Here’s how to get the Ace of Spades Exotic hand cannon:

1. Pick Up The Mission From Banshee-44

The first step of this quest starts right after you complete the Prison Break mission in Forsaken. After the last cutscene rolls, head to The Tower and speak to the Gunsmith to gain the Cayde’s Will mission. You can’t do anything with this right now, so just keep this in the back of your mind for now.

2. Take it From Uldren Sov

The next step involves beating the Forsaken campaign, so head out to the Tangled Shore and begin completing missions. This will take a bit of time since Forsaken is a fairly lengthy story, but eventually, you will defeat Uldren Sov and take the Ace of Spades hand cannon from him.

3. Take the Gun Back to Banshee-44

Remember that quest you grabbed from Banshee-44? Head back to The Tower upon beating the Forsaken campaign and talk to the Exo. He will explain that this gun is in parts and he will need some data from you. This involves you killing a lot of people with hand cannons, so make sure to set aside a few as you go through the campaign.

4. Get 5 Invader Kills in Gambit

Destiny 2 Gambit

This is the trickiest part of the entire quest, simply because it’s based on your ability to kill other Guardians. To finish this step you’ll need to kill 5 Guardians (not all at once) that are invading your side in the new Gambit mode. You do this by slaying any player controlled foe that jumps through the portal that spawns at the 25, 50, and 75 mote limit. The portal – which is right by the collection device – will send them to the other side with an overshield and 30 seconds to do as much damage as possible.

For this step, we recommend using hand cannons like the Better Devils, The Old Fashioned, Crimson, or the newly introduced Trust. All of these are great for PvP, so make sure to make to keep one in your Vault. Since they’ll have an overshield, try to burn them down with other weapons or focus fire with teammates.

5. Kill 250 Enemies in Strikes

Another kill focused one, this step requires players to kill 250 enemies with a hand cannon in Strikes. It doesn’t matter the type of Strike you select, but you have to eliminate foes with a hand cannon. You can pretty much use any hand cannon for this step, but it may take a bit of time give or take what Strikes you get.

6. Get 25 Precision Kills in the Crucible

Another PvP step requires players to eliminate 25 foes with a hand cannon in the Crucible. They have to be precision kills otherwise their deaths won’t count towards your progress. While this might seem difficult, with the new hand cannon buff you can kill someone with three shots to the head. For this, use what hand cannon you are most comfortable with and don’t play Competitive.

7. Find Cayde-6’s Caches

The next step of your quest has you locating four caches on four different planets. Here is where you can find each cache:

Io Cache: Land at the Giant’s Scar and go to to the large northern tunnel entrance. Head inside until you are spat back outside. To your right, there should be a bunch of Taken enemies and an open door with a large glowing glimmer tank inside. Go in here and then head all the way through the cave system in the Wraith Mines until you hit the factor portion, go upstairs via the back right entrance and then when you’re on the catwalk up to the platform on your left. You should see the chest lodged in he cave wall.

Nessus Cache: Start at Exodus Black and head into the cave that’s located below the Well of Stars on the map. When you reach the area with the Vex teleporter do not take it, instead head right until you hit the Suken Cavern. Now go to your left and you should see the glow of the cache behind the metal ring around the area.

EDZ Cache: Go to the Sunken Isle and then head to the left where the large Cabal ship is parked. Go through the big, open square door on the left and make your way to Legion’s Anchor. Once you reach this area go through the first door and you should see the cache hidden by the decommissioned tank on the left.

Tangled Shore Cache: Spawn at Thieves’ Landing and head down to the Jetsam of Saturn. Once you reach this area, you should see an incline to the left leading up to a cave. Take this route and make your way through the underground location until you’re presented with three tunnels. Go down the middle one and follow the path until you reach another open area with a crashed Fallen ship. The cache is in the back left passed the ship.

8. Complete the Ace in the Hole Mission

After the data is collected, you will need to complete the Ace in the Hole mission on Titan. It doesn’t matter if you use a hand cannon or not for this quest, just make sure to finish it. You’ll be recovering the last parts of Cayde-6’s gun from one of his staches.

9. Get Your Gun From Banshee-44

After you finish this quest you can head back to The Tower and claim your new Exotic hand cannon! There are no more steps after this and you are free to use this hand cannon as much as you want.

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