How to Beat Ascendant Challenge 2 in Destiny 2 Forsaken

Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge 2

Ascendant Challenges are one of the many secrets hidden away in Destiny 2’s newest location, the Dreaming City. Included with the Forsaken Expansion, these challenges send players to another plane of existence to earn powerful rewards. However, the engrams aren’t just lying around, so you’ll need to prove yourself by finishing a tricky objective. Just like last week’s, Ascendant Challenge 2 is pretty easy and completely doable for those with a lower Light.

To start, you can find the second Ascendant Challenge in the Garden of EsilaRun  at the bottom of the map. It’s pretty easy to find once you get there since the black Taken portal is right along the cliffside. Your weapons don’t matter as much this time around, but we do recommend using high damaging Supers or ones that suppress enemies such as the Hunter’s Shadowshot.

When you enter the portal, three Arc Charges will randomly spawn around the map. Your job is to grab those charges, run them back to the center, and deposit them before you’re killed. The catch is, a group of large Hive Knights, Shadow Thrall, and Taken Phalanxes will try and kill you. To make matters worse, you’ll need to avoid Taken Blights because they’ll suppress your abilities making you very easy to kill.

Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge 2 Location

When running back and forth to the well in the center always choose the path of least resistance. It’s pretty easy to avoid the knights – especially if you’re a Warlock or Titan – since you can jump right over them. The key is to not get caught in the Blights because you’ll be killed if anyone is right behind you.

After all three charges have been deposited, a Well of Light will spawn in the center. Stand in this to instantly get back your Super and abilities, which you will then use against the Hive Knights. Your goal is to kill every last one, which is easier said than done since they still hit like a truck. Play it safe here and only go for the well when you have an opening.

Keep blasting at these foes with your Super until they are dead and you will claim your prize. This is a fairly simple Ascendant Challenge, but consider using a mobility enhancing Exotic such as the St0mp-E55.

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