How to Trigger the Cryo-Pod Heroic Public Event in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Heroic Cryo Pod

Forsaken is the first major expansion for Destiny 2 and it’s bringing a plethora of new content. Like the previous DLCs, Forsaken adds new Public Events that Guardians need to complete. The first new event that you’re likely to encounter has users killing a powerful boss that emerges from a Cryo-Pod. While this is simple enough, trigger the Heroic modifier requires a few extra steps.

Here’s how to trigger the Cryo-Pod Heroic Public Event in Destiny 2:

1. Kill Both Waves of Enemies

Your first step to completing this Public Event will not change, regardless if you’re going for the Heroic modifier. When the event starts, two waves of enemies will attack you so quickly dispatch them before the timer hits 0. You shouldn’t have any issues with this part, even if you’re going it completely alone.

2. Damage the Boss Until the Electric Field Appears

Once the boss actually emerges from his pod, start to damage him any way you see fit. However, we highly recommend holding off on any supers since they can quickly burn down this foe’s health bar. Instead just peck away at his life with your primary or special weapons.

After the boss is damaged enough he will summon a powerful electric field around him and the pod. This will happen a couple of times during the fight, but once it does you’ll need to shift your priorities to the actual pod. There will usually be other enemies around him, so it’s good to have a few people kill them off. Additionally, consider having someone try to pull the aggro of the boss away from the people shooting the vents.

3. Blow Open the Smoking Vents and Use the Arc Orbs

When the electric field appears, two vents on the pod will begin to emit steam. Starting shooting these as soon as this happens. They take a couple thousand damage to break, but once they do you can grab the Arc Orb inside. Since the field will hurt you, consider jumping up on a rock, ledge, or using a healing rift to tank the damage.

After the Arc Orbs appear, run up, grab them, and hurl these at the boss. Once you hit the boss with an orb you’ll see an alert explaining that the boss is starting to feel the effects of the Cryo-Pod. It takes a few orbs, but once the boss is hit enough he will completely freeze in place and the Heroic Public Event will trigger. 

4. Capture the Point

After the boss is frozen, he will become the new capture point so rush over to him and set up a defense. Soon, powerful waves of enemies will begin to attack your position. You’ll need to hold them off until the capture point reaches 100%. After this, the Public Event will end and you can collect your rewards from the chest that spawns.

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