Dead by Daylight Console Optimization Patch Coming Soon

Dead by Daylight Console Patch

Dead by Daylight has been out for the better part of a year on consoles but there are still severe performance issues there.

Players on base PS4 and Xbox One run into a lot of issues mainly in terms of the framerate. Dead by Daylight is far from a smooth experience but that issue has been alleviated for many by playing on an Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.

Many more players are stuck with the base version of the consoles which means the framerate dips very often. This results in a rough experience for players and they have begging for a patch ever since the game came out.

It’s especially difficult to play killer on console as one well-timed 360 by a survivor can tank the framerate and cause the survivor to get away. Luckily the developers have said a patch is being worked on, as confirmed on Twitter.

Hi! I am happy to inform you that we are actively working on the framerate issues and we are aiming for an optimization patch in December! We will include small changes in every update until December to prepare the larger optimization patch.

This does come in response to a question about the PS4 framerate but we assume it’d come to Xbox One as well. Unfortunately, all we can confirm is that a PS4 optimization patch is being worked on and it is aiming for a December release.

Dead by Daylight came out with a new DLC yesterday called Shattered Bloodlines and it brought a new killer and a new survivor with it. It’s too early to tell where the killer will fall on the overall tier list but we can say she is fun to play with and will take time to master.

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