Dead by Daylight Double Bloodpoints Event Begins Today

Dead by Daylight Double Bloodpoints Event

In a very anticipated announcement BHVR, Dead by Daylight’s developer, has announced today kicks off the double bloodpoint event.

The news came in a developer stream that also touched upon some other things such as possibly removing the “whoosh” noise the Spirit makes while phasing. While the stream was shorter than usual and ended up being a little underwhelming, the big news came at the end of the stream.

We knew a double bloodpoints event was going to go on this weekend but we didn’t expect it to kick off today. The timing is great as the new Shattered Bloodlines DLC just dropped which means a lot of players are trying to build up a supply of bloodpoints to drop into the new killer and survivor.

The game is currently free for a week on Steam so players can hop on and stockpile the points for free. This event will run on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Bloodpoints cap at one million so if players are able to hold onto quite a lot before they are forced to spend them. Once players reach level 50 with a character they have to option of prestiging them or just getting more items on the bloodweb.

This event will give players double bloodpoints after every match so it will operate the same way playing party streamers would. These will all stack so say all five players in a match player blood party streamers then you would get 500 percent extra bloodpoints. This would be made even better if you ran perks like BBQ & Chili as the killer or We’re Gonna Live Forever as the survivor then you could get even more bloodpoints.

An official announcement hasn’t been made outside of the stream just yet so we don’t have an exact start time. The developers did say the event would start a few hours after the end of the stream so we’re likely looking at a start time later tonight.

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